November 16, 2023

Ep 223: How To Pick What To Work On Next: 3 Powerful Pillars For Business Growth

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Ep 223: How To Pick What To Work On Next: 3 Powerful Pillars For Business Growth

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Think of your business as a three-legged stool…miss the mark with one (or neglect it) and the whole structure topples over. 

As a business owner, your most vital role is making sure there’s a balance between all 3 legs—or as I call them pillars–so you can find the right growth path for this season of your business.

Inside the episode I break down my 3 powerful pillar strategy to help you focus on the true needle movers as you build your thought leadership business.  

Whether you’re at $500k+ or on your way to $100k, I’m dropping specific strategies to help you hit goals without overcomplicating your to-do list,  falling victim to the perfectionism trap or wasting time with busywork. 

Plus I answered the top FAQs I always get asked related to speaking (visibility, pitching, and more) and created a special playlist of podcast episodes for you to burn through so you can get unstuck. 

Tune in to the episode and hear…

  • Thought Leadership — what it is and what does it take to create a business based on this concept
  • My 3 pillar expert business strategy — what happens to your growth when you’re lacking or  weak in one area
  • How do we create balance and connect the dots between all of these areas so your business makes money
  • The lesson my 5-year-old Lego enthusiast taught me about mastering the stage you’re in so you don’t get stuck
  • Plus the top speaking questions I get answered

And if you want a mini-workshop in your ears to solve your speaking, finding stages, and pitching related questions, be sure to check out the show notes. I rounded up the best episodes to give you what you need right now. 

My Top Speaking Questions Answered

Read on as I go over some commonly asked questions related to Speaking, Marketing, Messaging and Monetization paired with podcast episodes for you to binge so you can get started! 🙂

Finding & Pitching Speaking Opportunities

1) How do I find speaking opportunities?

Listen to Episode 167 – 10 Stages You Could Be Speaking On Now to Attract Clients where I’ll break down the 10 stages that  are available to you RIGHT NOW to speak on.

2) How do I get more eyes on my business if I don’t have a following? 

Episode 120 – How to Get Eyes on Your Biz When You Don’t Have a Following is the one you need to listen to on repeat. This episode is filled with tactical ways and actionable advice to help you get fired up,  step up to the mic, start making an impact and truly help people regardless of what size your ‘following’ is.

3)  I’m ready to pitch but have no idea how to start putting myself out there.

These episodes will get you ready to pitch and put your fresh insights into action so  you can build momentum for pitching events.

→ Messaging and Communicating

4)  I find it very challenging to come up with a story to help me connect and engage with my audience.  I wish I had something that I could pull up anytime I needed one which I could use over and over again.

Learn my 3 step process for documenting and organizing stories– check out Episode 58 – How to Come Up with Good Stories Even if You Think You’re Boring. You’ll find this super valuable in creating your own bank of stories.

5) I’m stuck and I’m not quite sure what topic to pick for my signature talk?

When it comes to delivering a talk to your ideal audience – your topic matters. It’s how you stand out in a sea of pitches and stand out from a lineup of a bunch of other talks. Sure, your content and delivery will make you shine, but it all starts with the topic you choose.

If this is something you struggle with Episode 22 – Nail Your Topic: 5 Tips for Choosing Your Signature Talk Concept was crafted with you in mind.

6) How do I get over my fear of speaking?

In Episode 40 – From Stage Fright to the Spotlight, Natalie Dawson, the host of the WorkWoman podcast, shares her story on how she pushed through her fear of public speaking and now shows up on live event stages and more.

Pair this up with Episode 38 – Show Up with Confidence on Camera – Conquering Fear & Creating Engaging Video Content to help you show up more confidently and eloquently on camera.

7) I get anxious about Facebook lives or IG stories. How can I leverage live videos to help me get my message out?

Check out Episode 121 – My 5 Best On Camera Speaking Tips where I share my absolute best tips for on-camera speaking. Learn my 5 tangible and tactical ways to be more engaging, effective and entertaining when you hit record.

8) How can I best navigate and handle the unexpected tech issues when doing a live presentation?

Listen to Episode 55 – How to handle tech surprises when virtually speaking as I share some real examples of speaking hiccups and teaching three specific steps to help you navigate them with grace.

→ Business and Sales

9) How do I convert speaking opportunities into sales?

Discover my three steps that you can borrow to effectively use speaking to grow your business. Tune in to Episode 205 – Speak to Sell: How to Make Money On The Back End of Speaking.

10) Is there a right or wrong way to structure an online program

Listen to Episode 47 –  How I’ve structured my online business to replace my six figure salary (and thrive during quarantine) as I share exactly how (and WHY) I’ve structured my six figure program with three unique engagement strategies that you can leverage for your own business. 



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Download 7 strategies to purposefully turn your next unpaid speaking gig into a profitable outcome.

Swipe my 19 irresistible phrases to make your audience red hot for your offer. Your call-to-action will never be ignored again.

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