Make the most of your on stage moments.

Elevate your impact with an inspiring message that turns audience members into action-takers after every single talk.

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Over 20 years and thousands of stage appearances, I've cracked the code on creating entertaining and effectively hooking an audience from the start. 

Now I help online business owners build your confidence muscle so you can stand on any stage and use speaking to make more in your business.

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Your voice is your best business building asset.

Around here, we’re about profit, not popularity. Tap into the art of magnetically delivering your core message, pair it with a rock-solid plan to effectively turn audience members into buyers and watch the stage become the driver of your biggest growth goals, even when you’re offline eating sea salted popcorn (just me?!)

Download 7 strategies to purposefully turn your next unpaid speaking gig into a profitable outcome.

Swipe my 19 irresistible phrases to make your audience red hot for your offer. Your call-to-action will never be ignored again.

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If there’s a bigger message you need to step into, a story that demands to be heard or you want to improve HOW you talk about your expertise so you can get PAID (whether that’s for your speaking fee or after the talk with new clients.)...

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Level up your speaking, sales & storytelling skills to maximize your impact on and off the stage. 

The real-talk, ditch-the-sugar podcast for entrepreneurs ready to be SEEN, HEARD & PAID for their expertise, without grinding 24/7 or chasing trends.

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From the second I wrapped my talk up, my inbox has been flooded with *more* speaking opportunities, sales, a full pipeline of clients and thousands of new subscribers for months on end.

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