June 15, 2023

5 Strategies to Supercharge Your Selling Skills

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5 Strategies to Supercharge Your Selling Skills

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I see it all the time. Working with my private clients, talking with my students in my group coaching program, the conversations in my Instagram DMs…one of the biggest struggles in starting and growing a business is feeling confident in the most important part of the process —selling! 

Whether it’s selling your ideas, yourself or your offers, selling can feel uncomfortable. And if you feel icky about it, or think you’re not good at it, or simply the thought of selling your stuff makes you cringe (even though you KNOW it will help a lot of people), get ready for some SPICY HEATHER today to help you change your relationship with SALES.

The truth is selling is not as scary people make it out to be. I’ll share with you my five most compelling sales strategies that you can apply to your own sales process to take your selling skills to the next level and deliver results.

Enjoy listening to my weird analogies (seriously, this one is a bit off the rails) as you learn simple ways to seamlessly and confidently SELL.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The reason why most online business owners struggle to make money in their business
  • Why we feel uncomfortable with the idea of selling and why we suck at it
  • Why is getting on a sales call with your prospective clients (to some degree) a pivotal part of sales
  • Consistency and repetition: the keys in driving sales success
  • The top struggles of experts and entrepreneurs when it comes to selling 
  • And the 5 strategies that you can do to strengthen your selling process



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