May 13, 2020

Conquer Camera Fear & Create Engaging Videos

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Conquer Camera Fear & Create Engaging Videos

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Today I’m sharing the audio of this virtual session with you for two reasons:

1. I’m sure you have similar questions around leveraging the power of video in your business, specifically how to show up more confidently and eloquently. The idea of putting your face on camera can feel a little overwhelming. In this session, I help demystify that for business owners who want to do video work.

2. I want you to hear what a live, engaging and effective presentation sounds like. Even if the topic doesn’t resonate with you, pay attention because this is VERY meta. You get to hear a virtually speaking coach… speak virtually! 

Pay attention to my engagement techniques, the nuggets of credibility and the overall flow and my energy. This is your shot to experience one of my live sessions firsthand (and for free).

In this episode we cover:

  1. Why so many fear the camera and how to navigate it
  2. The nuances between live vs recorded video
  3. Planning content for video effectively
  4. The top tech questions answered

Episode Show Notes

Reason behind fear of camera

(14:52) The fear of the camera is a completely normal thing. I’ll give you a couple of tips around how to navigate through that fear. But just know it’s very, very common. The reason why we get so uncomfortable with and shy away from it is because we’re not used to it.

How to navigate through fear

(16:55) You have to make the decision to say, I’m the kind of person who does video in their business. You have to make that decision because until you say, I’m the kind of person who does video, you’re not going to do video. You’re just going to dabble with it and you’re not going to push past the sore and discomfort that will come. That’s not going to not be there. That’s one of the things.

Tip to use in overcoming fear

(19:40) Here’s a tip that I would give all of you, regardless of your fear of the camera. Get really, really clear around who you’re talking to and talk to that one person on the camera.

In choosing your topic

(24:15) Here’s a really quick tip around what you can do to come up with that. This is not a sexy name, but this is what I call it. I call it like my brain dump bucketizing activity.

Consistency before Strategy

(31:27) Get in the habit of showing up and doing video. Once you have the habit, then you can amplify it with a strategy, meaning then you can make it more persuasive. You can get better with your calls to action. You can get more strategic around using it in advertising and so forth.

Instagram Stories: A Must Try

(32:54) The other beautiful one that we all should be trying and using to get comfortable is Instagram stories. That is a great way to start getting comfortable because they’re 15 second increments. I think a good Instagram story is between 60 and 90 seconds in total because it’s enough where you can deliver a piece of content, but it’s not so much where someone’s going to be like, ‘Oh my God, I see all the tiny dots up at the top of the Instagram window. I ain’t got time for this.’ Give yourself like that window of 60 to 90 seconds.

Clarity in your content

(37:56) Get really clear on what the thing is that you’re bringing to your audience. It’s not just this long winded ramble-y thought. Help them be clear around exactly what you’re trying to say. 

Tips on Engagement

(46:45) You need to make it easy for people to engage. Don’t ask people overly complex or really deep questions cause they won’t answer. Make it easy but specifically tell them what you want them to write and you’ll actually get more responses.

How to make yourself look better on video

(51:05) The Logitech webcam, it’s what I’m using right now. The beautiful part of this Logitech webcam is there’s like a little check box that I mark that it applies, this is going to sound weird, but almost like a softening makeup filter that I just feel better on. I show up more confident if I feel like I look good on video.

Camera Angle

(59:31) Your camera should always be at eye height or slightly higher. This is true for video and it’s true for photos. Nobody wants that like up the nose, double chin shot. That’s not a good thing. My webcam right now is right at my eye level, but slightly higher. That angle is what’s gonna look good.

On using diplomas and license as your background

(01:01:08) It is totally up to you. Remember that people make decisions based on emotion, not on logic.

Best time to do FB Lives

(01:03:10) Here’s what I would say on Facebook lives, do time that works for you. 

Wardrobe Talk: Prints vs Solid vs Stripes

(01:06:40) I think when it comes to prints versus solids, I think larger prints or solids are more flattering and less distracting on video. Smaller prints have a tendency to feel very busy. Also, be a little cautious with fine stripes because there’s something about the pixels on a screen that sometimes make stripes look a little psychedelic. Just be cautious of that. I tried to do simplicity and I try to keep my styling and my brand colors. 

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