March 2, 2023

The Results Of Practicing Your Signature Talk In Public Over 200 Times With Liz Wilcox

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The Results Of Practicing Your Signature Talk In Public Over 200 Times With Liz Wilcox

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Liz Wilcox is the Fresh Princess of Email and a keynote speaker, a former client of mine who built her signature talk in my program.

She’s got a big vision in mind, but she’s flexible about how she’s going to get there. Right now, Liz focuses on building towards that future one talk at a time. Because each talk she gives is an opportunity to connect with another person, build a new relationship and share her expertise to people who need it.

Over the last 12 months, Liz has spoken on over 100 stages, and as she says, “Baby, I’m taking over the internet!”

It’s true. 

Liz has used her talks to share her framework for making email marketing fun (and profitable) and as a result has added hundreds of people to her email marketing membership.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what speaking can do for your business, or you’ve had doubts that a signature talk can be used over and over again…this is the episode for you.

In this episode, Liz shares: 

  • The atypical launch results that illuminated her gift for email marketing and made her realize she had a message people needed to hear
  • Why she decided speaking was the best way to make a bigger impact 
  • How her personal circumstances gave her no choice but to push past ‘head junk’ and speak even when though she still breaks out in a rash
  • Her thoughts on why talent will only get you so far and how Michael Jordan inspired her to get disciplined with her speaking practice
  • The simple ways she tweaks her signature talk and 
  • Why her signature talk is still relevant over three years later 

About Liz Wilcox:

The Fresh Princess of Email Marketing, Liz Wilcox is an Email Strategist and Keynote Speaker showing small businesses how to build online relationships, package up their “magic” and turn it into emails that people want to read and, most importantly, purchase from.

In the span of 5 years, Liz grew and sold a successful blog, got bought out of her second company, and built the third into a multiple six-figure party that just won’t quit! In other words, she now teaches online entrepreneurs to simplify the whole “email marketing thing” and finally master their sales in a way that leverages their personality, vision, and values.

She’s best known for her 2000+ users membership, 20 Minute Newsletter technique, and the Email Staircase framework she’s taught to tens of thousands of creatives, freelancers, ecommerce shop owners, and small businesses across the globe. All with a unique teaching style you’re not soon to forget any time soon.

Offline, Liz lives in Florida, loves to run, and is a walking 90s pop culture encyclopedia.

Connect with Liz: Website | Facebook I Instagram



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