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for the entrepreneur ready to be seen, heard 

…without grinding 24/7 or chasing trends.

Rambly stories, awkward intro’s and um’s got you feeling the heat? I’ll teach you what to say and how to say it so you look and sound like a pro.

Elevate Your Speaking Skills

Find, Book & Rock Stages

You’ve got a talk (or want to do one) but now what? I’ll give you the tactics to figure out where and how to get in front of your ideal clients, with your own stage or someone else's, and share behind-the-scenes secrets to impress the pants off your audience and the host. 

Here you'll learn to:

Monetize Your Expertise

You’re in business, so making money is non-negotiable. I’ll show you non-sleazy ways to make real income, as a paid speaker or after your talk, while making an impact with your message.

I’m Heather Sager, the host who never holds back on the good stuff.

Former executive turned entrepreneur, each week I grab the mic to bring you actionable insights from 20 years experience in sales, training, speaking and business coaching. 

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Whether you’re craving the stage, or called to it, or simply want to be better at attracting your ideal clients, being visible is vulnerable for everyone. 

And I’m willing to bet whether you’re already good at speaking or just starting to accept visibility equals MORE for your business, it gives you a dose of the heart flutters too. 

That’s why each week, I’ll coach you on how to speak to the people that you want to attract as the realest you possible. Because if you get in front of an aligned audience with the right message at the right time, visibility pays off.

My tough love, practical and hilariously entertaining style will help YOU show up with greater intention, more confidence…so you can make a bigger impact with your message.

- Lindsay Dollingef

Every episode I know I’m going to walk away with an aha and something I can do in my business right now. I share this podcast so much for that reason!

Five Star Reviews

So much value!

- Joey Vitale

I love this podcast because there's only a few of its kind that really tackle the topic of how to show up as YOURSELF in your biz. Heather gives you the tools and the confidence to show up and show out for your biz!

Five Star Reviews

heather gets it!!

- Alison Mars

Heather’s advice is such a breath of fresh air - the REAL DEAL. I have so many “aha-moments” and takeaways to put into ACTION on my business. Her energy and expertise is seriously contagious. 


Five Star Reviews

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