November 21, 2023

Ep 224: Why Aren’t More People Doing Sales Calls?

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Ep 224: Why Aren’t More People Doing Sales Calls?

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In the online space we’re fed this idea that selling should be hands off–but could skipping sales calls be doing your business a disservice? 

By bypassing one-on-one sales conversations in favor of automated funnels, videos or webinars what kind of critical information could we be missing about our customers? 

My opinion probably won’t surprise you: One of the biggest mistakes we can make as a business owner is to assume that we know our customer’s pain points and desires without having the quality and quantity of conversations to really validate that.

Which is why if I had to give you one simple thing that you can do differently, a baby nugget step that you can take away and quickly put into action it’s this: 

ADD SALES CALLS to your business (if you already do them, you’ll want to hear my suggestions to make the process a mutual win-win.)

Because something magical happens when you spend more time connecting with the unique human experiencing their unique problem (in this episode I spell it out for you with a personal story you NEED to hear.)

Your success is restricted by your ability to sell, and that includes how great you can be on stage.

So tune in to hear my insights on selling. I know they’ll help you decide if sales calls belong on your calendar for 2024.

In this episode you’ll hear…

  • Why selling makes many sweaty and uncomfortable 
  •  How your perception of sales hinders your  message 
  • What happens to your message when you scale quickly 
  • The pivotal shift I had in my own speaking career that hugely changed how I approach sales 
  • My big opinion on when & how sales calls belong in your business 
  •  Plus my own sales call example including  questions you can ask in your conversation to get more of that head nod effect
  • How you can learn sales skills from me, including ones for your webinar

…and much more.



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