December 6, 2022

Here’s How to Nail Your Messaging in 2023

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Here’s How to Nail Your Messaging in 2023

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Ever heard a business coach tell you that selling is “just a numbers game”? They say that if you can just get your offer in front of more people, eventually you’ll start making sales.
But if it really was as simple as putting offers in front of more potential buyers, why are there so many broke content creators? Harsh truth, I know. But those business coaches aren’t entirely wrong, they just left out a critical piece of information.

It isn’t about getting the offer in front of more people, it’s about connecting a MESSAGE that resonates to your offer. Said another way, it’s all about the CONTEXT you provide.

In today’s episode, I’ll share the 7 essential ingredients that will allow you to create messaging that resonates. So grab a notebook, a cup of something warm and start planning that effective messaging. You’ve got this!

Episode Highlights:

  • Demystify what “messaging” means to create desire and demand for your offer
  • Physical products vs information type of products and the difference between their way of marketing
  • The challenge a lot of business owners have when it comes to their messaging
  • What is the ‘curse of knowledge’ and how this can affect your messaging
  • The 7 ingredients that you need in every talk to have a really powerful messaging that gets results

Show Notes

Many people think that if they just put more of their content in front of their ideal person, then people will see it and want to buy from you.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

When you have a product or program that you know people want and need, it is your responsibility to find a way to help them get excited about it, to create a desire and demand for your offers—this is where effective messaging comes in place. 

I’m sure you’ve already heard that it is an important piece of your business and this is so true.

Messaging is the language that you use to help guide people towards your offer (and it’s not just people in general, it’s the right kind of people).

Simply put, it is an intentional communication  to take your audience from where they are, to seeing the possibility of your offer, to helping them get the transformation they want. (Want to learn the #1 reason why your message isn’t attracting your ideal client listen to this podcast episode.)

Now we put our messaging in a variety of things. We use it on our sales page, in our pre launch content, in our webinar and those kind of things.

But the challenge that a lot of business owners have is often time they deflect their messaging to a copywriter. They have the copywriter build their sales page and the email. 

Essentially, they have somebody else building their messaging and what happens is they’re not writing things that are in alignment with their messaging. 

So there’s a disconnect that happens and everything is not rowing in the right direction causing people not to sign up or not taking action—and it’s because we haven’t prime them right.

Remember that effective communication is going to be your best asset in building your business in 2023.

That’s why I want to walk you through the seven essential ingredients that you need in any single talk presentation so you can have really powerful messaging. 

We look at them from the lens of what your audience needs to experience in order for them to say, yes to your offer. And if you want to get outcomes for your business—you have to have these seven things happen.

7 Essential Ingredients That You Need in Every Talk You Deliver

  1. Validation

When it comes to good messaging, you need to bring validation and help your audience pinpoint their problem. 

Your audience has to feel like you get them. They need to have this clear moment of ‘oh, that’s me. That’s my problem. She totally gets me.’ 

  1. Destination

You need to have a very specific way  around how you get your offer in front of people and the messaging you put in front of them to help them go, ‘yep, that is what I want. That is what I need and that’s what I’m after.’ 

Your audience has to have that thought and feeling while they’re on the journey with you. You put language to what they want to guide them towards your offer.

  1. Perspective

You can’t come in and be all Captain Obvious to your audience. There has to be some kind of interesting perspective that you bring to the conversation that they haven’t thought about before. That’s one of the most powerful things you can do in your messaging.

  1. Context

You need your audience to understand what you’re talking about, the challenge they’re having and what they want, fits into their bigger broader world. They have to be thinking, ‘Oh, I can see the process and how this all fits together.’ This is what context means. 

  1. Process

This is where your proprietary framework comes into place. You’re guiding your audience and simplifying things for them to help them achieve their goals and get results.  You bring a process to it. 

They have to think like, ‘okay, hold up, this is actually doable and not as complicated as I was making it be.’

  1. Credibility

You have to bring some credibility to the party. Your audience really has to feel connected and have to trust you. They have to be thinking, ‘Oh, my gosh, this is the person to guide me.’ 

What we have to make sure of is that when you show up in your own real, raw persona and bring your authentic self and your expertise to the stage, your person would feel excited and like to work with you. That’s how you start getting really good brand loyalty and you start building a really engaged group of fans.

  1. Encouragement

You have to make sure that you ride the line between being the coach, being the educator, but you also have to step into the role of being a little bit of an inspirational motivational speaker. 

The fact is, when you teach information, when you are an educator or a coach,  part of your job is to bring inspiration and to help people get motivated by you, inspiring them through your words. You have to do the pep talks and help them believe in themselves. They have to have this moment where they believe in themselves and say, ‘I can totally do this.’

Keep in mind that you don’t need to throw compliments at them all the time. You need find the balance and figure out a way to do it that’s authentic for you.

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