November 9, 2023

Ep 222: Do these 4 Things to Finish The Year & Set Business Up for 2024 (no fancy planning required)

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Ep 222: Do these 4 Things to Finish The Year & Set Business Up for 2024 (no fancy planning required)

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Planning can be a brilliant tool, or a form of procrastination.

Visions of what *could* be.

And as we follow the plan, we quickly realize that the ideal map we’ve chosen to follow… looks quite a bit different than the reality we’re faced with.

It happens in our personal lives AND our businesses.

Each year, entrepreneurs take the internet biting walk calendars, post-it notes and colorful pens to dream, map and plan out their perfect year.

And if you’ve been a big planner in the past, yet still aren’t where you set out to be.

This is the episode for you.

The season looks quite a bit different for me with baby #3 coming WAY earlier than expected (irony here is I DEF didn’t plan for THIS)…

But if I were in your shoes (aka not birthing a tiny human), here’s exactly what I’d do to finish the year strong (not coast it through), to set myself up well for the new year.

Tune in and hear…

  •  What’s turned upside down in Heather’s world, why we took a lil’ break last week + quick update on the babes 
  • How a ‘true’ deadline gives us clarity to focus on things that are critical to what we’re working on
  • Why Planning is just a big fat procrastination tool
  • Understanding your responsibility to your audience as an entrepreneur and a thought leader
  • 4 Areas of focus to help you end your year strong and  set yourself up for 2024 (especially if you have a lot of things going on both in your personal and business life)


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