February 15, 2024

Ep 226: Special Comeback: My Copywriter Interviews ME!

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Ep 226: Special Comeback: My Copywriter Interviews ME!

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And we’re BACK baby! Quite literally. I had a baby and had every intention of keeping this show going while I was on leave, but… life surely LIFE-ED me.

On this special comeback episode, we flipped the script and my copywriter, Sara Vartanian (who knows my business and my offers better than anyone), took the host seat to interview ME about the biggest rollercoaster of a year in biz (and life) yet. 

From ending a partnership, rebranding the podcast (again), rebranding the biz (again), launching a new program with a new launch model… to moving my family across the state, and OH, having a baby right around the corner from turning the big 4-0… you know there’s a ton of learning tucked into all this.

Tune in for a candid convo about all the things, like planning live events, evolving programs, listening to your community, trusting your intuition and more. Buckle up — with postpartum brain, you know Heather’s bringing all the good Sager Side Notes for this one 🙂

Episode Highlights:

  • Heather’s “big why’’ for helping others be seen, heard, and make an impact.
  • The Signature Talk Accelerator (STA) Backstory,  why we started again from scratch.
  • The power of asking for feedback 
  • The importance of knowing your strengths and adapting to suit them 
  • How hiring additional support in your team allows you to focus more on what’s really important in your business and enjoy the creative process (hint: was it worth hiring a copywriter for the ENTIRE year?!?)

Listen to the full interview:



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