February 22, 2024

Ep 227: Nail Your Stand-Out Speaking Topics – Exclusive Coaching Session

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Ep 227: Nail Your Stand-Out Speaking Topics – Exclusive Coaching Session

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We’ve all heard versions of the phrase “there are really no new ideas” and “there are thousands of people who do what you do”, so when it comes to speaking on platforms and stages…

How do you talk about something that has already been heard? 

How do you find an angle that’s unique and refreshing? 

How detailed or broad should your topics be? 

Can I talk about stories? 

Does it all have to be “teachy” how to?

So. Many. Questions. 

And if you’re anything like my clients, the truth is you have DOZENS of things you *could* talk about. 

But the question is, how do you craft topics that are both compelling, but also align with your strategic business goals (remember those?😜)

In today’s episode I’m doing something I’ve never done before and airing a REAL coaching call where I help a lucky business owner extract the genius out of their head and into 6 (yes SIX!) magnetic speaking topics that they can use for pitching podcasts and stages this year.

I hope this episode will get you fired up to nail your topics so that when invites come your way— or you find an opportunity you want to pitch— you are prepped and ready to pounce! 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the topics we cover:

  • What it takes to choose a topic that gets you known as an authority in your niche
  • The importance of understanding your audiences’ problems
  • Four lenses you can use to help you identify your sweet spot topics
  • Two ways you can create your topics
  • Weaving your unique experiences and stories to your topics

I hope this episode will be the fire to get you moving and get you started  so that when conversations arise about you speaking to someone’s audience, you already have the buffet prepared and can serve up what they need.  I can’t wait to hear how this one resonates with you!

Listen to the full interview:



Kim Kiel is a brand voice expert, copy coach, and founder of the boutique copywriting agency Kim Kiel Copy. 

With 17+ years of writing multi-6-figure campaigns for small businesses and nonprofits, Kim helps Gen X entrepreneurs and experts share their gifts and positive impact with the world. She has a knack for instantly capturing a client’s voice and writing elegantly persuasive copy. When she’s not nerding out on sales psychology in her home of Edmonton, Alberta, you can find her tromping through the Canadian wilderness with her kids or continuing her quest to find her favourite whisky. 

Connect with Kim via Website I Instagram | Linkedin

Tune into her podcast→ Ill Communication for copywriting tips and sales strategies for small businesses.

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