July 27, 2023

From Plans to Pivots

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From Plans to Pivots

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Oftentimes, we become so obsessed with our expectations, we feel disappointed or give up when things don’t go perfectly. Even though we logically know that life rarely goes as planned.

In today’s episode I’m sharing with you the behind the scenes of my life and business on how “plans” have evolved in little AND big ways over the last 6 months.  Fom selling our home in a difficult market, the surprising twist of merging two brands only to untangle them 6 months later, to the super specific tech decision I had to make this month (plus answering the big question about my surprise third pregnancy: was it planned?!)

Change isn’t easy and sometimes it’s downright scary! But when you learn to pivot and adapt with purpose, you’ll become even stronger.

Tune in for an episode packed with real-life experiences, actionable strategies and tips that will help you navigate life’s unexpected twists (and of course I weave this into how to embrace unexpected challenges when speaking live). Ignite your hustle with a fresh perspective on the importance of flexibility in business and life! 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What happens when you tend to get tied to an exact plan or become obsessed with your process 
  • How can you be more flexible and embrace change not only in your business but also when it comes to speaking (hello tech snafus or unexpected disturbances)
  • Reflection questions to help you cut the clutter and simplify things in your business
  • Why your ability to make swift decision is more important than what you decide
  • Plus exciting updates for what’s next with Team Heather Sager



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