May 18, 2023

The Power of Consistency: Achieving Sustainable Revenue in Your Online Business

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The Power of Consistency: Achieving Sustainable Revenue in Your Online Business

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Freedom and flexibility is one of the main reasons most people want to be an entrepreneur and become their own boss. 

I mean, who doesn’t want the freedom to decide what work you do, when you do it, and where you do it?! If you’re thinking you’ll never ever go back to being an employee, you’re my people, because it means you’ve decided this business of yours will be a success.

The honest truth is…wanting it just ain’t enough because it doesn’t happen by default or manifestation alone..Success follows from the efforts behind your intentions. 

But with so many moving parts, it can be easy to get swept up in  the shiny, fun parts of building a business, like creating social content and graphics, fancy tactics your favorite business leader used in their last launch, and distracted by trying to make it just so before putting your website and offers out into the world. 

Doing too many tasks and trying to make them perfect, takes your time, energy and attention away from what you actually need to be doing if you’re going to have a successful business-focusing on making money.

Your success becomes inevitable when you align your activities to your goals.

That’s why in this episode, I’m going to help you take specific action by digging into the different phases of online business so you can get full clarity on which phase you are currently in and which areas you should be focusing on to make money. 

 I hope this episode meets you exactly where you are today and gives you a few golden nuggets that help you show up as the expert you are, be a little bit more bold with your decisions, and unapologetically make money for your expertise. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What does achieving a big ass goal require? 
  • Why is consistency and predictability in your revenue so important in your business?
  • The 4 Phases of Online Business—and where  you should focus when it comes to revenue generation?
  • Shifting your energy and aligning your activities to the level needed to achieve your goals
  • How success requires more from us than just a goal or big vision



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