November 1, 2022

One Ridiculously Simple Strategy To Increase Sales Before The End of the Year

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One Ridiculously Simple Strategy To Increase Sales Before The End of the Year

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It’s no secret that you wear a lot of hats running a business, and if you’re anything like most online business owners, the majority of your time is spent on content creation, admin and other behind the scenes work.

But how can you expect to make money in your business if you spend the majority of your time on things that aren’t directly tied to sales or designed to make sales down the road (and the road keeps getting longer)?

In today’s episode, I’ll share with you my ridiculously simple strategy that’s going to help you generate more sales. So if you are not quite on track with where you want to be this year or are looking for a cash boost, this episode will be the fire to get you moving.

Episode Highlights:

  • The four traps that keep business owners stuck with sales
  • My go-to strategy to generate sales
  • The tough love, real talk advice you didn’t realize you needed to end the year
  • Plus tips you can do to time audit yourself + your goals and start taking action

Episode Show Notes:

Four Traps Business Owners Fall Into

These traps are the common objections or resistant points that I see with most of the business owners I’ve worked with of where they would get stuck.

You’ll be surprised to find out that it wasn’t the plan or the data or other things that tears us—it’s a combination of fear and ego.

  1. The Planning Trap

This trap typically happens when you’re chasing any goal or you’re going through growth or just learning new things. You’re retraining your brain with new neural pathways and learning that tends to be uncomfortable so your safety zone comes in and tells you it’s too hard and don’t do that.

We tend to default in the mode that if we can control things by planning out everything perfectly, the more perfectly it’s planned and the more that you have the details and anticipate all the scenarios, the more you have the plan then the outcome will be better. We plan, plan, plan, plan plan because we want to have a better experience and get better results.

  1. The Perfection Trap

Entrepreneurs, specifically the ones that have professional experience but are pivoting in the online space really view quality work to the highest regard. We hate it when we see people delivering crappy work or have very little experience and they’re showing up and teaching really basic concepts without a lot of backing. 

This trap really is about us controlling the outcome but it comes from a really good place. We want our ideal clients working with quality professionals with real experience so what happens is we fall into this trap where we try to perfect anything that we build and make it of high quality.

Our ego comes into play trying to showcase to others online or to our potential prospects that we don’t want to be put in a bucket with the people that don’t actually know what they’re doing but happen to be really good marketers. It keeps away our focus on things and takes our attention away from actually helping the people we want to help. 

  1. The ‘I already know’ Trap

This is something that we all do as entrepreneurs and it even happens to non-entrepreneurs too. We fall into this ‘I already know’ trap where we easily discount basic information or the foundational things that move the needle forward because we happen to already know and learn them (we even do them). 

As entrepreneurs, we want to be in control. We know we are the forward thought leader, the innovator, the idea person so when somebody threatens that or pulls our control away or we’re put in a position where we don’t know things, our ego comes in and says we are legit and we already know these.

The thing is building a business is really about doing the simple, basic things really well, and what happens is when we discount this information, we’re losing a real opportunity here. It’s actually when we overcomplicate things that our businesses start not really working out because we’ve created so much complexity that we’re spreading our energy and attention so thin that we can’t do anything well. 

  1. The Comparison Trap

This happens so much especially in this online world  where everyone is showing you all of their best work. 

It comes in because we start ranking ourselves (our lack of results, quality and all these other things) and we compare them to other people who really exacerbate the difference between where our insecurities are.  We’re drawn to the thing that shows the counterbalance of our insecurity.

What we need to do is to pay attention to what you’re noticing in others where you’re feeling envy or jealous because these are actually cues for you to reflect and see what is this saying about you and which you need to focus and work on. You need to start bringing logic to the party because the emotional piece–that ego and fear really plays us.

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