February 9, 2023

4 Strategies That Amplify Your Results from Stages in 2023

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4 Strategies That Amplify Your Results from Stages in 2023

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Stages are the BEST way in 2023 to accelerate your authority, build trust and generate HOT leads who want to pay you (not just download your free stuff).

Now, does that mean that you should chase all of these stages and say YES to every opportunity? Heck no. While booking more stages could get you bigger results— the reality is it’s what you DO with those opportunities that matters most.  

So the question is — what do YOU do when you have the mic?

In this episode, I dive into how you can show up intentionally and serve your audience well. Plus my fav strategies that I see as the biggest opportunity for 2023. You’ll learn:

  • Redefining what a stage is and why it’s so critical to double down and create your own stage this year
  • The different phases of the buyer’s journey and how it circles back to creating your own stage opportunities
  • How do you make the most of your on stage moments
  • Plus 4 strategies that can help you reimagine your mic moments in 2023



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