October 19, 2023

Ep 220: 3 Big Takeaways From Hosting The Live 3-Day Signature Talk Accelerator

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Ep 220: 3 Big Takeaways From Hosting The Live 3-Day Signature Talk Accelerator

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Ever wondered what goes into hosting a live virtual event? Considered revamping the way you run your own live launches? 

If yes, you’re in luck! 

After wrapping up my 3-day live virtual event, The Signature Talk Accelerator, I got to play a guest on the Hint of Hustle. 

My friend and event producer of live The Signature Talk Accelerator, Krystal Proffitt, led us through a candid chat of the 3-day event. 

Thank goodness Krystal took the lead this week, because in this episode you’ll hear the word I revert to saying over and over again when I’m exhausted. Everyone has their own ‘tired tell’. You can bet you do too!

Holding space for a bunch of brave and bold entrepreneurs for a 3-day live virtual event is no joke. 

After 20 years of hosting live events, I’m experienced enough to know bumps are totally normal, and we did hit a few. There were location decisions, tech snafus, bloopers, plus more than a few happy tears. 

Listen in for all the planning notes to get a clear idea of what you’ll want to consider (and what to let go of.)

Plus this time around I needed to account for ways to keep this pregnant body of mine fed, pain-free, and rested.

But, beyond the logistical to-do’s, whether you’re hosting a live virtual event, like I did, or are taking the stage for the first (or 25th time) at the end of the day, only one thing matters. 

Can you deliver exactly what your audience needs from you? 

 If you want to make an impact with your message, it’s your most important job and in this episode I share 3 takeaways to help you make it your top priority. 

In this episode, Krystal and I discuss…

  • Normalizing issues behind live events
  • Cramming for knowledge vs action taking info
  • Why my slide deck might freak out some people
  • A simple tool I used to recalibrate my coaching & content each day based on what the attendees needed
  • Earning the right to go off script & how I did it on Day 1
  • The eyelash story ←you’ll want to tune in just for this! 
  • Giving the middle finger to marketing speak
  • Tips for successful live events
  • The upcoming on-demand version of The Signature Talk Accelerator



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