May 19, 2021

How to Make Pro Videos with Your Phone with Michael Moore

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How to Make Pro Videos with Your Phone with Michael Moore

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Episode Show Notes

Why camera & lighting isn’t nearly as important as the sound & space

(08:57) The audio and the space are the two things that people don’t actually even consider when it comes to creating videos. They’re more concerned with how they look on camera.  

Know that if your audio quality is terrible, people are just gonna click off the video or do not even want to pay attention and listen to what you’re saying.  Also when it comes to set, it’s the first thing they notice when they scroll a video. If the space is all over the place or you’re too up against the wall, it’s just not gonna look good to the eye. Keep in mind that they not just see you but also they see your brand and decide if they resonate or want a brand like that.  

What makes a good setup and why you should focus heavily on background 

(12:12) In general, the first thing a videographer or cinematographer thinks when they walk into a room before they even film is where are they going to shoot and what is going to be in the background? They focus on the background first because that’s going to show and communicate something to your audience. It’s what people will feel from it. If it does match up with your brand, your aesthetic, and with the quality of the content that you’re putting out. It’s how you are going to communicate what you are and what you do.

Think of what you want your audience to perceive about you when they watch you and how they interpret what you’re putting out there. If they can connect on a visual level quickly, they will immediately start paying attention to you. 

Tips for making your own videos look & sound great every single time (making it easy for yourself!)

(18:03) Setup your camera and put it in your dedicated space all the time. Just set it up once and forget about it. Don’t move it as much as possible. Just have everything setup so you don’t have to think about it. 

And if you’re inspired to create any piece of content on the spot, you don’t have to take so much time to get ready because you already have it there. You’ll just jump in and turn on the camera and just start recording. That is the path of least resistance. 

5 Simple FREE hacks to instantly make phone videos look fabulous (and they’re all free!)

1. Create depth in your shot.

You can create some depth between you and the wall, by stepping five steps away from Wherever your backdrop is. When you do that, it’s going to allow you to pop out in the camera a whole lot better than if you’re straight up against the wall. It won’t look flat.

2. Use the rear facing camera.

The rear facing camera of most cameras is actually way better than that you see and you typically use if you’re going to take a selfie.  It’s not as good as the one that’s on the back. Annoying as it might be, flip your phone around where you can’t really see yourself when taking a selfie and use the rear facing camera, that’s gonna be a lot better plus you won’t get distracted by looking at your own face, thus, allowing you to maintain eye contact with the camera lens.

3. Keep your phone straight as possible.

If your phone is crooked to one side, it’s gonna look weird and feel awkward. You can tilt it but don’t go too crazy with it. Don’t tilt too far forward or too far back, especially underneath where you’re looking under your face. That’s never flattering. 

4. Get close to the window every time you record with your phone.

You can get really great results by getting really close to a window. It gives this very soft light on your face but we’re not talking about direct sunlight. That’s not the right light. It’s the diffused light where it’s coming at you up but it’s not like directly beaming on you. You can track when does the sun shines directly in your window to know when not to schedule live streams or interviews at that time if you are doing video.

5. Clean and wipe your camera lens.

This is a game-changer. If your video is blurry or you’re getting weird streaks in your shot, all you need to do is wipe that lens off. Clean that lens and it’s going to make a world of a difference.

In drawing that line between creativity and revenue-generating activities  

(38:14) If you’re just getting started, you may want to know and understand the process first. Learn how to record and then edit it if you want to. But you quickly want to shift and outsource the editing portion, especially if it’s going to be really time intensive. You can find a virtual assistant or someone on your team to start editing those key pieces of content.

You may want to create a template outlining your brand colors, font, and your editing style. You define all of that and once all of this is already established then you can hand this off to anyone. It becomes a whole lot easier.

Tips for those who want to outsource but don’t even know what to delegate 

(40:43) Before you even start outsourcing, get your fonts and color branding down and your style. Look for inspiration. What do you see out there that you love or like and you gravitate towards it. Don’t copy them but just pull inspiration from that.  Once you get that inspiration, understand how you want to deliver your stuff.

BONUS TIP: If you see videos you like and you see videos you don’t like, screenshot them and make yourself a folder for both things you like and you hate so you can have a design conversation with this person you’re hiring. They will easily understand what’s off the table and then what’s on the table.

About my guest, Michael Moore

Michael Moore is a video strategist helping online entrepreneurs attract the right clients, build connections, and sell their online programs. Michael is on a mission to simplify video to get more people to confidently share their message on camera so they can have more impact and income.

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Recommended Tools / App mentioned in episode:

  • Sunseeker – lets you track sunrise and sunset times
  • VLLO – video editor and maker 
  • Veed Video Editor –  video editing made simple
  • Headliner – video editing tool specially designed for podcasters
  • Descript – audio and video editing tool

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