March 3, 2021

Do you need a biz bestie? The Power of Peer Masterminds

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Do you need a biz bestie? The Power of Peer Masterminds

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Grab a cup of coffee and get ready for chat with your new #bizbesties.  I’m joined today by two of my favorite women on the planet to talk about how building quality friendships online has been LIFE during this last year (hello social distancing zoom world). Our friendship turned into an organic mastermind which has fueled our creativity and business performance. 

They say your network determines your net worth (or something like that). We say, find your people who bring LIGHT into your world, keep you motivated and make you pee your pants laughing. The rest will just work out.

Meet Melanie Dyann Howe and Krystal Proffitt (which you may remember from episodes 36 and 34).

We created a pseudo peer mastermind in a very organic way that’s turned out to be an amazing business resource and today we’re sharing a casual conversation about making friends online with unsolicited advice and tips to help YOU create your crew of besties.

  • Oftentimes, what we’re missing is not really a mastermind. We’re just creating friendships online and somebody to talk about our stuff with because our partners and people in our offline lives don’t really get what we do.
  • You don’t necessarily get to connect necessarily on friendship in a lot of the masterminds or groups because the time is so formal and short.   
  • A lot of times in masterminds, there is this element of you have to put on a little bit of a mask because other people are evaluating your business and if you work in our industry and serve our industry, those could be your future clients or people talking to your future clients. 
  • There’s a different level of closeness and intimacy that we can have in a smaller group. It’s a safe place where you can be comfortable being fully you.
  • If you try to get too many people in your group of peers then it becomes time consuming and too much work to get caught up.
  • If you’re looking for a group of people or even just one other person, take in consideration who you are on a personal level and not just where you are in your business and what you’re doing. It’s that connection that is so important.
  • One piece of advice for those who are starting to build connections online, have one place where you’re going to communicate and create a method on how you’re going to do this.
  • You can use Facebook Messenger, Voxer, Telegram or any app that would allow you to send a quick, short message. 
  • The big tip beyond the asynchronous communication is the trio. Make it a threesome so there’s always two people that are engaged and nobody feels like they’re being left behind and over running the communication.
  • If it’s not serving you or you’re not getting value from the relationship, don’t just settle. Keep trying and navigating the world of your peers and your network and look for those people that you’re just drawn to.
  • Lower your expectations and just find people that are complementary to what you’re doing, not competing but people that can help you rise up but also connect you with strategic people.
About My Guests

Melanie Dyann Howe is a marketing strategist who specializes in helping people develop their personal brands and use social media to market themselves and their business. She offers marketing courses, coaching programs, is a speaker and host of The DIY Marketing School podcast.

On a more personal level, Melanie is a single mom and also a breast cancer survivor. She is a firm believer that every challenge is an opportunity and finding the silver lining should always be a priority.

Connect with Melanie on Facebook, DIY Marketing School Podcast and FB Community.

Krystal Proffitt is the host of The Proffitt Podcast – where entrepreneurs go to learn how to start, launch, and market their podcasts.  She also teaches the basics of content creation, editing, formatting, and other skills through her digital courses and YouTube channel dedicated to podcasting.

She lives just outside of Houston, TX with her husband, 3 sons, and their snorting Boston Terrier, Wall-E.

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Check out these tools you can use to communicate with your online peers:

Voxer | Telegram I Facebook Messenger I Zoom


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