October 5, 2023

Ep 218: Forget Fancy & Other Business Lessons I’d Tell Myself If I Had A Time Machine

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Ep 218: Forget Fancy & Other Business Lessons I’d Tell Myself If I Had A Time Machine

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Ego check coming in hot with the tough love pep talk I wish someone had given me early in my business journey: you can’t outsource your reps. 

Yet, in an effort to shortcut the road to profitability, so many business owners try to throw money at their revenue problem as though doing so will guarantee success.

But while investing in courses or service providers may help you do the fancy stuff, fancy and overcomplicating doesn’t make you more sales. 

Business growth isn’t a high-school line graph, until you reach a certain point, it’s not unusual for it to go up and down depending on the seasons. 

You’ve got to work with the data you got, and keep going–even when it’s messy, and far from perfect. 

Our ego hates that reality, especially if we’ve had success in the past. It makes us believe we should be farther ahead–yep, it’s a liar. 

Just because you were successful somewhere else–a past career or business– doesn’t automatically give you the right to skip the line in your current business. 

Tune into episode 218 for real examples of why you can’t fight the pace of progress and the most effective places to invest your time, money, and focus so you prioritize profitability. Because money in the bank is way more important than looking fancy.

In this episode, your pep talk includes insights on…

  • Outsourcing regrets vs smart investments
  • Body checking your ego
  • What happens when you don’t meet your launch goals
  • Embracing the learning process
  • Whether your expertise could be a disadvantage to your business growth
  • Getting into messy action



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