September 19, 2023

How Relatable Stories Make You Remarkable Featuring Zafira Rajan

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How Relatable Stories Make You Remarkable Featuring Zafira Rajan

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Ever wonder how Taylor Swift built her diehard fan base? It’s not the glitzy costume changes or famous boyfriends. Taylor’s audience can’t get enough of her songs because album after album, her lyrics make them feel like they know her. She puts into words the same experiences they’re going through too. 

As business owners, you can forge those same genuine connections that turn you into an audience favorite. The secret sauce? Everyday, relatable stories. When you share these real snippets of your life, storytelling becomes your ultimate differentiator.

The good news? You don’t need to be a pop star to make it work for you. Tune in to unlock the secrets of relatable storytelling that will set you apart from others in your niche.

In this episode, Zafira and I discuss:

  • Leveraging micro moments in your life
  • How stories help your audience buy into you–even if they’re not diehard fans
  • Permission to start sharing the rambly version of your story
  • What parts of your story to carve, chip away at, or keep
  • The types of stories every talk needs



Zafira Rajan is a copywriter and brand strategist who helps entrepreneurs unblock their voice, harness their creative energy, and write sensory stories that connect with their audience.

Connect with Zafira via Website | Instagram


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