May 2, 2022

Make Your Signature Story Magnetic [Recast Episode 42]

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Make Your Signature Story Magnetic [Recast Episode 42]

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How do you talk about yourself in a way that pulls your audience in without rambling a long life-back story?

As an online business owner, you have to know (and share) your signature story. It’s the difference between that long winded resume style answer that gets people pressing the skip forward button— and your ideal customer leaning in, thinking “I’ve got to know more”.

To help you master this, we’re doing a throwback today to Episode #42 to help you master 5 insights to crafting your signature story. 

If you already listened to it, it’s more than worth to re-listen until you nail your signature story because your story will evolve and chances are the way you’re telling your story could be improved.

I hope you enjoy this recast and I can’t wait to hear you craft your next version of your signature story.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What exactly is a Signature Story and do you need one?
  • Does your signature story have to be monumental?
  • What do you need to know when it comes to creating a signature story that inspires and resonates with your audience
  • 5 truths that you need to embrace when it comes to your story
  • Plus prompts that you can use to help your craft your signature story

Episode Show Notes

Here’s a recap of the 5 Essential Truths I share in the episode:

1. Every business owner needs their signature story

This is the ultimate, WHY you? Why THIS topic? Why THIS program/product?

Remember that YOU are the differentiating factor in your business. You have to get radically honest with yourself, customers can find similar offerings somewhere else… most likely cheaper. Your signature story starts layering value far before you make an offer.

2. Your story is multifaceted and you must be able to tell it like an accordion.

Whether you’re asked about your background at a cocktail party, to introduce yourself on a podcast or share about who you are on a webinar, you’ll want to be able to tell your story at a variety of lengths, expanding and contracting the pieces of the story that are related to the need at that moment.

3. It will evolve and adapt – don’t try to get it perfect

The way you tell the story, what you focus on and how you deliver it will change overtime as you get more experience and try on what resonates with you. Don’t try to “get it right” out of the gate, just get moving with it.

4. It’s your experiences, but it’s not about you. It’s about how others can see themselves THROUGH you. 

Your signature story answers these important questions:  Why should I believe you? Can I trust you? Do I LIKE you? Can you really help me? Are we really that different?

5. It is a story, not a rap sheet (describe moments, people and emotion)

Contrary to what we think, facts, credentials or work experience isn’t the story that leads to trust. So a list of facts and numbers isn’t going to answer those above questions. 

Prompts that you could ask yourself and even use to help your craft signature story

Here are a few of the prompts I use with my clients to determine if something should stay or go: 

  • What were the moments where you had a big AHA, there was a decision or a key belief you took with you moving forward? 
  • What led to you looking for a solution?
  • When did you find the “thing” that changed everything?
  • What do you wish you would have known earlier?

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