August 24, 2023

Taming Imposter Syndrome with Sydnea Lewis

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Taming Imposter Syndrome with Sydnea Lewis

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If you’ve ever experienced discomfort with putting yourself out there you’re not alone. 

Imposter syndrome can strike anyone, leading to battles with self-doubt and an inner voice who notices every fumble so it hisses unhelpful things like, “you don’t know what you’re doing” or “you’re an idiot.”

After 20+years as a speaker, I know first-hand that voice never quite goes away. But, I’ve also learned there are plenty of ways to shush it. 

And that’s what Sydnea Lewis, a Signature Talk Accelerator alumni, joined me to discuss. 

Sydnea is an experienced brand and marketing strategist and college professor, yet a year ago she found herself sharing her ideas and avoiding social interactions with peers and on social media.

Yep, imposter syndrome had Sydnea in its grips, but her experience in the Signature Talk Accelerator gave her practical tactics to embrace the fear of speaking and move forward despite it.

Fair warning: As always, you’re in for a real discussion. None of us has it all together. We’re all works in progress, but the insights you’ll take away from our conversation will propel you forward on your journey to becoming a more confident speaker.

In this episode, Sydnea and I discuss:

  • The imposter syndrome struggle experts face
  • One mindset shift which hugely dials down your nerves
  • The messy middle of getting your first talk done
  • A strategy to keep your talk focused even when you go off on a tangent
  • To script or not to script
  • Why critiques are a crucial part of improvement, even though they feel scary
  • The joy of the speaking snowball effect
  • How getting comfortable with discomfort leads to growth in your personal life



Sydnea Lewis is a passionate and experienced Brand and Marketing Strategist with a global reputation for providing high-quality marketing solutions. Her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional work has earned her an international reputation, and she is proud to have established herself as a leader in this industry.

Throughout her career, Sydnea has had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients, including the Smithsonian Institution, International Press Institute, and Howard University. She is dedicated to building strong brands by creating memorable materials that resonate with audiences and clearly communicate messages.

Sydnea absolutely loves what she does and is constantly dreaming up new layouts, grids, and branding guides. Whether her clients need fresh creative concepts or want to enhance existing materials, she is confident that she can deliver marketing solutions that will exceed their expectations.

Connect with Sydnea via Website I Instagram | LinkedIn

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