August 31, 2023

Clarifying Your Message One Stage At A Time With Merritt Onsa

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Clarifying Your Message One Stage At A Time With Merritt Onsa

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Is your message catnip to your audience? 

Clarity in your message comes from taking action over and over. The more you speak, the more you learn about what creates those “aha” moments where your message clicks with your audience.  

Yet, so many business owners try to think their way through why their messaging isn’t landing. They’re caught in the perfection trap leading them to believe they don’t belong on stage until everything is figured out. The truth is they’d get a lot further faster by testing it in front of an audience. 

That’s exactly what Merritt Onsa, a dream coach, who helps Christian women step into their purpose, experienced. 

A few years ago she realized it was time to dial in her message. People were listening to her podcast, but not taking action to get more of her.

While working with Heather, she figured out she had to embrace two things. The first, setting a date to do a talk to stop the loop of perfection and procrastination. The second, being courageous enough to put her ideas out into the world even if she was only 50% or 80% sure of what she was saying. 

Fast forward to today, and Merritt just had FOUR speaking opportunities offered to her! Putting her message out there again and again is paying off.

Merritt dropped gems in this conversation that will hit home for any business owner wanting to improve their messaging. 

In this episode, Merritt and I discuss: 

  • Her journey to fine-tune her message
  • How perfectionism puts up roadblocks
  • Courage and embracing imperfection while testing your message
  • Adopting a speaker’s persona to authentically connect to your audience
  • Being okay with where you are right now



Merritt Onsa is passionate about helping Christian women get clarity on their God-given purpose so they can start living from courage and inspiration instead of fear and procrastination. She’s the host of The Devoted Dreamers Podcast, a life coach, and creator of the Dreamer Lab supporting women of faith in building community, clarity, and confidence to step into their God-shaped dreams

Connect with Merritt via Website | Instagram

Tune in to her podcast 👉 Devoted Dreamers Podcast

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