August 17, 2023

Serve, Speak, Transform: Creating Lasting Impact From The Stage

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Serve, Speak, Transform: Creating Lasting Impact From The Stage

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Dream of making an impact with your message? 

Whether you’re a seasoned speaker or have a message in your heart you know the world needs to hear, your voice is the most powerful tool in your toolbox to reach the people you want to serve. 

By sharing your ideas and experiences it’s possible to  profoundly impact your audience’s lives. In fact, I’ll step up onto my soapbox and say if you have the ability to help others it’s your duty to do just that.

Often people with a desire to help people feel conflicted about muddying their mission by trying to make money, but to effectively be a catalyst for change, you’ll need to confidently sell your ideas without guilt. And having a passion for helping others doesn’t need to equal pennilessness, friends. If you want to keep sharing your gifts with the world, you’ll need to make money too. 

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • Why honoring your audience is the cornerstone of driving real change
  • One shift that elevates how you serve others with your message
  • The relationship between money and mission
  • How competence leads to confidence on stage
  • The real deal on feeling weird about your calling
  • A tough love pep talk on speaking with purpose
  • What it means to sell your ideas



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