December 20, 2021

3 Cues That Tell You It’s Time to Level Up

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3 Cues That Tell You It’s Time to Level Up

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As we round out the year, you’re most likely thinking about next year’s goals and ways that you want to grow. I’m this episode I’ll share my take on three specific cues to point to where you might want to focus on for your next level up. 

Enjoy this week’s episode and hope it gets you right to the edge ready to jump and spark one little action that can ignite a huge moment of progress for you!

Ps.. we’re taking a break the last week of the year! So we’ll see you back on January 3– Happy Holidays!

Episode Highlights & Key Takeaways:

  • Leveling up is a way of being
  • The reason why you have not broken through that next level
  • Life is what it is and you get to create your own experience within it. 
  • Questioning your own dialogue with yourself, the conversations you’re participating and the types of content you’re consuming
  • The discomfort and pain of leveling up for your life and business
  • 3 signs you should watch out to know it’s time to level up

Episode Show Notes

3 Signs / Triggers To Watch Out To Know It’s Time To Level Up

1. You’re unhappy with your results in an area of your life.

Think about different areas of your life, your energy. What are the areas of your life where you feel like you’re rocking it and what are the areas where you feel like nothing is working?  It could be in your career, business, finances or relationship.

When you’ve identified the area that’s not working for you, ask this follow up question: Is this area of my life a priority?

I think oftentimes when we look at our results or we take inventory of our lives and businesses, it’s really easy to see the glaring gap, but we get to choose whether or not that glaring gap is actually the most important thing. We have to remember that sometimes, we just need to slow down on the struggle and just enjoy the journey

2. You feel unsettled.

When you feel anxious and you recognize what you’re doing is not growing in line with your personal and professional growth, you feel it’s time for change.

3. You’ve gotten too comfortable.

Take stock of where you’ve gotten too comfortable. Once you’ve learned everything you can learn, you are likely to get bored. When that happens to you, you start to feel complacent and it feels like you’re in such a routine. That is when you know it is time to uplevel your business.

Challenge yourself and get your head in the game and start thinking outside of the box. Bring in new ideas and inspiration and kick the complacency to the curb!

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