August 10, 2023

The Hidden Cost of Winging It with Presentations

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The Hidden Cost of Winging It with Presentations

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Are you an 11th hour presentation prepper? Pride yourself on your knack for ‘speaking off the cuff’ on stage? Consider yourself charismatic? 

While these qualities can help you navigate all kinds of scenarios, if you’ve developed a habit of preparing your talk at the last minute, then there’s a good chance your message is getting muddy.

Consequently, making it difficult for your audience to decide if they want more from you, because you’re forcing them to weed through stories, details, and ideas that aren’t necessarily relevant to them. 

But what if you decided to strategically plan how to land the plane on your next talk, so your audience felt deeply seen and heard and you felt confident you’re on the right track to hit your goals?

Well, I know what would happen, and my instinct is you do too. Your next talk would have a more tangible ROI than praise, claps, or kudos. 

Tune in and hear:

  • Why winging it on stage is an ego play, not a strategic move
  • What your audience wants from you every single time
  • Why being prepared isn’t the same as being boring or scripted
  • The reputation and revenue risk
  • Whether you might be a ‘Winging it Wanda’ 
  • How to start preparing for the wins you want from the stage



Episode #209 – Speak for Free? When to Say Yes (or Gracefully, No)

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