July 12, 2021

3 Things Influential Entrepreneurs Do When Talking To Their Audience

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3 Things Influential Entrepreneurs Do When Talking To Their Audience

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Have you noticed how the mentors you follow online seem to have this magnetic pull? That podcaster in your ears has become a trusted biz bestie that you rely on each week, you find yourself saying the phrases of your fav business coach, you jump at the chance (or at least pay attention) when you see that they’re speaking at an upcoming virtual summit even if you’ve heard them speak many times.

Whether that’s Brendon Burchard, Amy Porterfield, Lewis Howes, Anthony Trucks, Rachel Rogers, Brene Brown, Gary V, or whoever is on your online mentor list, it seems that whenever they open their mouth, it’s pure gold.  Each has their own distinct personality, communication style and many different business models. So the question is – was there some kind of unicorn magic passed to them in utero? Or are there commonalities that we can use as a road map for becoming more influential?

Today I’m going to share with you 3 distinct behaviors adopted by the highly recognizable, profitable and established personal brands online– specifically related to how they SPEAK.

Episode Highlights & Key Takeaways:

  • Why becoming a magnet using your voice is no longer a nice to have, but rather a necessity.
  • The role confidence plays in creating connection with an audience
  • The delivery secret top brands have accepted and implemented that “newbies” constantly struggle with
  • How influential brands intentionally create scripts for their audience to use (and why that matters)

Episode Show Notes

Becoming MAGNETIC is now a necessity (no longer a nice to have)

As business owners you always have to think about how you influence others. You have to provoke their thoughts and pull them into wanting to work with you because chances are you are not the only person who does what you do and people have choices. You have to make sure we’re clear of pulling people into the right fit for you and answering the question why us. 

  • Like-Know-Trust (LKT) Factor – People must feel connected and drawn to your offer.
  • People talk about brands they LOVE – Even if you have a phenomenal offer, if someone doesn’t resonate with you, they most likely won’t buy from you (and if they do, they won’t be a raving fan that tells others about it).
  • People do business with PEOPLE –  Social media is inherently social so you have to think about how you engage with brands online.

3 things influential entrepreneurs do when talking to their audience

1. Prioritize EVOLUTION over perfection.

When I say perform, we’re not talking about putting on this character that is not you. We’re talking about turning up the dial on your own personality to be able to captivate an audience in an authentic way. 

Influential Entrepreneurs:

  • Use variation in their tone and volume.
  • Understand that it can always be better and are committed to their growth.
  • Embrace the stumble, the tech break, the ebbs and flows.
  • Use their hands and vary the voices to create an EXPERIENCE.
  • Demand that perfectionism take a backseat and embrace messy action.
  • Are not embarrassed or derailed when tech breaks or they mispronounce something, in fact they use it to their advantage.

2. Choose CONSISTENCY and REPETITION over novelty.

When you repeat your message over and over and over again, you give your audience a script to use which gives them language to describe you and what you do and your product. You create a shared language for your audience and when they take on your shared language, they are pulled closer to you because you have helped them articulate something that they’ve been struggling with and there’s a gift. 

Influential Entrepreneurs:

  • Consistently say the same things over and over again.
  • Find newness and exciting ways to re-inspire their own message.
  • Look for new tools and ways of engaging, new stories from their audience to share to come back to those messages. 

3. Encourage their audience with BIGGER THINKING beyond their product

When we provoke thinking of our audience at broader levels and challenge them to step up and to change to the level of relationships they want or to make a bigger impact on the world, they are pulled to you because we all want to be around people who make us better versions of ourselves. 

Influential Entrepreneurs:

  • Provoke their audience thinking at a couple of different levels.
  • Encourage people to think about the relationship the way they think about themselves, others and the world around them.

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