July 1, 2020

Make Fear Your Homeboy with Judi Holler

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Make Fear Your Homeboy with Judi Holler

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Sometimes fear is obvious: fear of heights, public speaking, spiders.  

Sometimes fear is complicated: fear of success, loss, failure. 

Sometimes we don’t even realize that fear is even present, but masked as something else: impostor syndrome, procrastination, doubt.

When it comes to chasing big goals you can count on FEAR being present (or acknowledge that your goals aren’t big enough).

But how do we embrace this fear, listen to it and use it as fuel to accomplish our dreams? Enter this week’s guest, the #FearBoss Queen herself, Judi Holler

Judi’s a professional keynote speaker and creative CEO. A professionally trained improviser and alumni of the Second City Training Center’s Conservatory in Chicago, Judi just celebrated the one year birthday of her best selling book, Fear is My Homeboy.

This just might be my favorite interview I’ve ever done, partly because Judi’s energy is so electrifying, but also because this is a topic that is so relevant to anyone listening.

We ALL face fear. The secret to pushing through it is whether or not we choose to face it.

In this episode, not only do we dive into all the things about fear, Judi also talks about a few of her favorite life lessons, like: 

  • Her definition of success: FREEDOM
  • There are no mistakes, only gifts
  • People aren’t lucky, they’re brave
  • We don’t need to be fearless, we just need to be brave.

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