April 4, 2022

Unlock More Creativity, Productivity & Magnetism by Working WITH Your Cycle with Renae Fieck

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Unlock More Creativity, Productivity & Magnetism by Working WITH Your Cycle with Renae Fieck

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This is part 2 of 3 from a series all about health and showing up at your best for your business. Check out episode 142 How to Wake Up Well Rested & Have More Energy to Show Up in Your Business with Tanessa Shears.

Have you ever felt super motivated to create a plan for your business, but a week later when it’s time to do the work you ghost on your scheduled lives, abandon your content batching blocks and end up in front of Netflix with all the snacks?

It’s confusing because sometimes you’re on FIRE and in flow, then the crash of the entrepreneurial roller coaster has you questioning EVERYTHING.

We feel these highs and lows. And you might be thinking this is just all part of our journey as an entrepreneur.

But when was the last time you really questioned that and leaned into what feels right for you?

And what if I tell you that this is just how your body is intended to run naturally and that your cycle is playing a big part of it.

Today episode will help you understand how your CYCLE impacts your business. Yep, we’re talking about Aunt Flow, our not so silent, business partner. 

I get it. This topic is not something we publicly talk about unless we’re behind closed doors with other women. There’s this taboo nature around our periods and it can feel “inappropriate” to talk about.

Surveys even show a common opinion that there’s no place for “that” talk in business.

But as entrepreneurs, we have to be mindful that our bodies impact our creativity, thinking, energy and more. 

And if you’ve nodded yes and resonated to this, you’re going to love today’s episode with our guest expert, Renae Fieck. It’s one of the most empowering conversations I have had in quite some time. 

Renae is on a mission to change the way women lead and run businesses. And she’ll help us understand the four phases of our cycle, how it impacts our communication and creativity to allow us to leverage and use it to our advantage so that we’re not feeling blindsided by things coming at us and show up in our business with the highest level of magnetism

Episode Highlights:

  • Why women weren’t designed to operate on a 24-hour schedule
  • How your cycle impacts productivity and feeling balance
  • How you can leverage your cycle to tap into your highest level of magnetism, most effective communication, and creativity
  • Understanding the 4 phases of your cycle and how to use it to your advantage
  • Simple ways you can influence/reset your cycle
  • Plus what you should be tracking  so you can create alignment with your cycle and  optimize how to show up in your business the best way possible

About Renae Fieck:

Renae is a mom of 3 and occupational therapist. She helps women optimize their time and energy through unlocking the power of their cycles so that they can be thriving high achievers. Through her method she helps women balance the demands of life, make a bigger impact, and get bigger results without adding more stress or needing more time. She’s the host of Cycle Advantage Podcast.

Connect with Renae on Instagram  | Facebook

Register for Renae’s 3 part training series – 3-Day Live Cycle to Scale Event. You’ll discover how to attract more clients, create more time, and more balance in your left by leveraging the power of your menstrual cycle. Save your FREE seat here.

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