August 8, 2022

It’s our new business!

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It’s our new business!

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Episode 161 The Heather Sager It's our new business!


Heather here! Sharing the official news as we start this new venture together.

Emily and I have been hinting at something big for weeks and we can finally tell you all about it.

A year ago I connected with a presentation designer on Instagram. She had a successful design agency offering done-for-you webinars, keynotes and courses. We were both expanding our referral network and quickly realized that…

We lived just FIFTEEN MINUTES apart and shared the same “get out of the house and work in a cafe” spot. So obvi, we met up IRL!

We talked “Talk” shop and instantly connected over our shared path from corporate healthcare.

​We both planned big ass conferences and seminars.

We both transitioned to creating stage content for those events.

Emily doubled down as a ninja designing presentations that got results.

And I stepped into the spotlight and became magnetic with a mic (you know how that’s been going ?)

At the risk of sounding super dramatic…


We’d been getting together every few months or so swapping stories and project ideas. Emily’s presentation design agency was growing rapidly, and I had just wrapped my biggest launch for Speak Up to Level Up (heeey my SULU peeps!)

As we celebrated our success over brunch one Friday afternoon, we clinked our mimosas and I casually said:

“Wouldn’t it be cool if we joined forces like Clea & Joanna and became The Home Edit sensation of speaking?”

Emily’s eyes went wide (she has zero pokerface) and whisper shouted…


And we went all in.

Over Voxer messages, Google docs and backyard planning sessions while my kids played in the sprinklers, we brainstormed ideas, laid out the business plan and got our legal ? in order.

We promise we’re not coo coo for cocoa puffs, we just KNEW our superpowers together would be MAGIC.

Over the last 108 days, we’ve been preparing for TODAY when we finally get to tell you about The Speaker Co.

The Speaker Co

I have goosebumps as I type this because 

I truly believe that entrepreneurs will change the world.

They’re the ones with the biggest ideas and wild ambition to make them happen. But the challenge is too many hold back because they either don’t have the courage to tell people so they hold them in and stay a perpetual dreamer or they struggle to articulate their ideas so they others aren’t inspired to listen let alone act.

And THAT is why I’m so freaking excited to partner with Emily so we can help even more people.

Combining our businesses gives our clients…

access to not only the podcast, programs, and coaching that I’ve built up over the years but also the content consulting, design agency, and digital resources that make Emily’s business go-round.​

​It’s not an overnight light switch. We both have existing businesses that are running like clockwork, so we’re actively transitioning and rolling out our new combined services and products (consider this your front row ticket as we build and grow). 

A Note for You

THAT was a lot. 

THANK you so much for celebrating along with us.

Whether you read this and thought, OMG SO COOL! Or Meh, whatever. Or maybe you had the reaction: WTF are you doing crazy lady?! ​

​Either way, I hope that we’re showing that it’s ok to evolve in your business. This thing you and I are doing– building something from nothing– is HARD work.

People aren’t going to understand your choices and everyone will have an opinion. But at the end of the day, when you know your gifts, who you want to help and trust your gut? Business will continue to work out.

​​My intention doesn’t change: I’m rooting for YOU to win so freaking hard.​

​That’s it. That was the big reveal. Now.. we’re off to build the plane since we’re already in flight 😉

Xo Heather

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