July 20, 2023

Visibility Strategies: Breaking Through the Noise with a Small Following

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Visibility Strategies: Breaking Through the Noise with a Small Following

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Creating amazing content is half of the marketing battle…the other half comes from rolling up your sleeves and earning eyeballs on your business.

Maybe one of those questions you’ve wondered about is this:

How do I get more eyes on my content if I don’t have a large following?

It’s a question I’ve heard on repeat over the last year that’s why I’m tackling it on today’s podcast episode.

So if you’ve been frustrated by slow audience growth, feeling like you’re constantly creating but the only people who engage with your content are your sister and great aunt…this is the episode you need to listen to on repeat.

It’s a recast of an oldie but a goodie episode from two years ago where I walk you through 5 specific ways to increase your visibility even if you have a small audience. It’s filled with tactical ways and actionable advice to help you get fired up, step up to the mic, start making an impact and truly help people regardless of what size your ‘following’ is.

In this episode, we’ll dig into:

  • Getting clear on what your audience size is and what exactly it means for you
  • The importance of consistently tracking your metrics and the incremental changes in your business
  • Why you should stop waiting for your ideal person to come to you (and what you should do instead)
  • 5 specific places to look at to get in front of your ideal audience
  • Plus tactical ways and examples on how you can approach this to help you reframe your mindset if you feel awkward pitching yourself

Quick note: this episode originally aired two years ago, so a few things mentioned in the episode are out of date (like the name of my program and my opt-in freebie, but the message is TIMELESS). 


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