June 1, 2023

Navigating Seasons of “Busy” Without Bringing Stress Vibes to Your Work

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Navigating Seasons of “Busy” Without Bringing Stress Vibes to Your Work

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It takes a lot of work to run a growing business.  It’s always this constant pursuit of growth—personally, professionally and financially. 

And with all the plans to execute, targets to reach, content to create and more, you might find yourself feeling stuck, constantly running on a hamster wheel of busyness with all the back-to-back client calls, podcast guesting, little admin tasks, and you can’t get out!

But the beautiful thing about you being an entrepreneur is you get to choose how you run your business…

…you get to choose what you don’t want to do

…you get to choose what you can delegate to your team

…or flat out what you can delete that’s not essential to your business

YOU get to make those choices. 

So what can we as thought leaders that people look to and what to learn from do to navigate in this season of ‘crazy busy’ without the stress?

Listen to today’s episode — it’s an unscripted conversation on how you can best show up, bring a little bit more light and fun to your business and your audience.

In this episode, you’ll  discover:

  • Choosing the season that feels right for you in your life and business 
  • How it’s important to dedicate a season of growth in all areas of your life
  • Why I banned the word ‘busy’ from my vocabulary (and why you should too!)
  • Why hustle is absolutely necessary in seasons
  • How you show up makes the biggest difference for how your brand is perceived by other people
  • Plus I share my own story (that I had never shared on stage before)—the biggest experience of my life that taught me how to handle myself under stress and pressure



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