October 11, 2022

Don’t Let This Powerful Entrepreneurial Trait Sabotage Your Progress

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Don’t Let This Powerful Entrepreneurial Trait Sabotage Your Progress

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How many ideas do you have on any given day? How often do you sit down and dream about the different revenue plans for your business, the different offers that you create, the different types of podcast episodes you can do or the different tactics for marketing you can try? 

As business owners, what a beautiful gift it is to have the opportunity to create things from nothing and build them out into the world to help other people. We’re full of innovative ideas, wanting to always do new things and start taking action on them.  

But what happens when you start taking action on all of these things and you don’t actually stick to one thing long enough to make it work? 

If you won’t be careful, this same gift can also be your biggest liability as to why you’re not making any progress in your business and you find yourself stuck in the mud and you can’t seem to get out. 

I want to challenge you today to ask yourself, have I really committed to something and stick with it long enough to evaluate what’s working and what’s not working to refine it? 

Let this week’s episode sit with you for a moment as I share the one specific thing that I think has really served Emily and I both very well as we transition from my company and Emily’s company into one business, The Speaker Co.

Hope this is a good moment for you to just calibrate, kind of reset and say, ‘I got this’, and now direct your attention towards the things that are actually going to move the dial for you and your business.

Episode Highlights:

  • The mistake too many entrepreneurs make online when they see a problem 
  • What happens when you have tons of new  ideas and you start taking action on all of these things
  • The biggest gift (and probably the biggest liability) why you’re not making any progress
  • Plus what to do if you find yourself stuck not making any progress

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