May 31, 2023

Transcript Ep #200: Navigating Seasons of “Busy” Without Bringing Stress Vibes to Your Work

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Transcript Ep #200: Navigating Seasons of “Busy” Without Bringing Stress Vibes to Your Work

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Navigating Seasons of “Busy” Without Bringing Stress Vibes to Your Work

– Transcript: Episode #200

Hint of Hustle Episode 186


Well, hey, friend, welcome back to another episode. I just got back from my morning walk and I had a conversation. One of the things I do on my morning walks is I catch up on voice messages on Voxer, or on Instagram, or text messages, like it’s just kind of my time where I check in with people that I haven’t talked to in a while or if you ever reach out to me on Instagram and send me a voice message or even just a message in general. 

I might voice message back but I usually do so pretty panting, panting, not like panties like Pantene like, not like the shampoo. But like panting, I don’t know why I felt the need to really describe that and just clarify the vocabulary I was using but that is how we’re starting today’s episode and you are welcome because that is what you are in for today. 


Today’s episode is unscripted, which what I hear from you are, these are always the ones that just meet you exactly where you’re at with exactly what you need to hear. So I am, I don’t know, I am a big believer, right? Being really intentional with your content, really being intentional with your messaging and knowing how to structure a really good message that’s what I teach all the time. 

However, I also am a big believer that when you are in the role of being a leader, when you are in the role, where you have an audience or people looking to you, there are going to be times where you have something on your mind, something on your heart, that you’re like, oh, I just I need to talk about this. 

And I’m a big believer when those things come in, that you listen to them and you share what’s on your mind and what’s on your heart and you do so with the intention of serving the person who needs to hear it. So wherever you are, whoever you are, this is for you today, and the conversation that I want to have is a little bit about confidence and a lot about how we carry ourselves.


Where this came from is, so if you’ve been following along for the last couple months, specifically on my Instagram Stories, I’ve been talking about it here on the podcast and on my email. If you’ve been around it’s going to be no surprise we are in the middle of a fairly busy season and I giggled because I’ve recently talked about I just don’t like the word busy and I hate it when people like oh my gosh, you must be so busy. 

I’m not really that busy but in this phase of my life right now there is just a lot happening. I have two young kids. One ending preschool, so starting kindergarten the fall. My older son is wrapping up the second grade. They’re busy, busy, busy boys with a lot of energy, and a very full schedule right now. They’re both playing baseball, tee ball and baseball. My husband is coaching which equates to our schedule is every single night, there is a practice happening, and Saturdays are filled with baseball. 


Now, if you’re a parent of kids, and you have managed a sports schedule before you’re rolling your eyes and being like, welcome to how it works, Heather. But this is the first year that we have both boys participating in some kind of extracurricular activities and they’re very excited when they want to go or they really don’t want to go, but whatever we’re in that. 

But on top of that, we are in the process of selling our home here just south of Portland and moving across the state in Oregon to a town called Bend, and the reason why I bring this up is we’re in a season where there is just a lot going on. 

My business is busy right now I’ve had a great influx of inquiries for one on one clients. I’ve been doing a lot of webinar and keynote audits, I have been working one on one with my VIPs who came through the Signature Talk Accelerator. 

I just spent over the last week, like 10 hours in pilot sessions for the Accelerator. Essentially, what that means is when you come through the Signature Talk Accelerator, which by the way, the next round will be in October. Well, that’s when we hosting it. We’ll start opening doors and registrations for that in September. 


But what happens is over the course of about three days, give or take there some prep work and some post work, you put together your entire signature talk. And my VIPs get to work with me for additional 30 to 45 days where I work with you combination of in a group and one on one and it culminates with you delivering your talk to a live audience and that’s we were we’ve been at this last week, and it’s just there’s just been a lot. 

I’m the kind of entrepreneur that I hate having commitments on my calendar. I just, I just don’t. I don’t like seeing things on my calendar. I just, I don’t enjoy that. I like having free space in my week. And so I actually like heavily block specific call days so I can be in that mindset of okay, today’s a call day but then I have to have big open spaces. 

It’s just how I perform the best. It’s how I operate best. It’s why I’ve implemented the policy in my schedule that I have on Tuesdays. It’s labeled, no call Tuesday, but we lovingly call it, don’t talk to me Tuesday. It’s just, it’s just how I work. 


But the reason why I share this with you is this morning when I was on my walk, I got a comment from someone who actually reached out to book a webinar audit with me. Shout out Holly, if you’re listening. We were chatting back and forth. And she had mentioned hey, I just, I’m in awe. 

You have a lot of, you have so many things going on and the way that you’re just continuing to show up to be there for your clients, be able to show up in your Instagram stories, the way that you’re just showing up, like I’m in awe, like, there’s just a lot I remember when I moved and it was just like so many things going on and I actually gave this feedback. I’m like, thank you so much for noticing and then taking the time to tell me that, and here’s why this was relevant and why I wanted to share with you today. 


I think, okay, I know to be true. In life, sometimes there’s going to be seasons, where you’re really mother freaking busy, right? You’re gonna have seasons of just a lot happening. We see this happen towards the end of school. 

For those who have school aged kids, we see that back to school. We see this over the holidays, that has the one that everybody freaks out over. There’s just so much. The holidays are so stressful. They’re so busy. 

And what I have learned, especially over, I’ve grown the most in my life, probably these last few years. And by growth I mean, growth about myself, understanding myself and really starting to get comfortable with how, who I am and what I want to be moving forward. It’s like super cheesy. We’ll do a whole, we could talk about that later. 

But what I’ve really noticed is there are seasons where there’s a lot, and there’s seasons if you choose where there’s a lot of space. Heck, that’s an entire theme of the show. It’s why I renamed it Hint of Hustle because you’re gonna go through seasons of hustle, and there should be seasons of ease and space and rest and fun and joy and family and health and all these other areas that are important to you. But if we don’t dedicate a season for growth for each of those, they’re just going to stay stagnant. 


So coming back to the busyness, the seasons of busyness and I’m in. I made a decision a year ago that I would no longer subscribe to the stress of busy. And that means that it’s not about, it’s not the fact that I’m not busy. I mean, I do have, I physically have so much going on right now. 

In fact, the reason I had to go for a walk at this specific time I did this morning was because we had a realtor coming by to show the house, so we had to tidy everything back up again. It’s been about a week, since people had walked through the house. 

We had to clean up the kitchen, the dishes, just a little mess and stuff that the kids and I have made over the last week and I had to be out for that. And it was not the best timing because it was at the peak of when I like to work and we have another showing this afternoon. So separated by five and a half hours. So I’m gonna have to sweep up all the dog hair again. 

So there’s a lot, there’s a lot going on. I’m running my business, we are approaching an affiliate launch over these next couple of weeks. I’ve been talking about it for a while. There’s content needs created. We have to pack up the house. We have to keep the house clean. We’re continuing to play baseball. We have the end of school. We’re trying to get the kids registered for their new schools. I’m purposely listing a lot of things and talking very, very fast to demonstrate the point that there is a lot happening.


Side note, vocal coach, speaking coach, here to appreciate. You notice how my voice just showed to you just how many things were happening. Do you notice, right?  When you could do that too with your audience when you’re making a point of things. 

But the reality is, I am in a season of busy, but I am not stressed out or unhappy about any of it. I am here for it because I chose this. One, I chose to be a parent. I chose to be a business owner. I chose for our family to pack everything up, put our house in the market and move. I chose to sign up for an affiliate launch. I chose to crank out high quality content and not settle. All these things, all this quote-unquote busyness, these were not pushed upon me by someone else. They were a choice that I made. 

So I also have the choice of what attitude I’m going to bring to the experience, and that my friend is the point that I want to share with you is I think, way too often, we put the blame on other people for our environment, our situation, our schedules, and even if other people are technically scheduling on our behalf, we’re the one that allows it, and we’re the one that put ourselves in the condition for it to happen. 


So for example, if you’re still fully employed and you’re pissed that your boss keeps or your employer keeps taking up your time, well, tough love, honey, like you have a job. That’s a choice you make or you can choose not to have a job, right? You probably be broke if you don’t have money coming from a different source but again, those are choices. 

We can’t be pissed or we can’t walk around disgruntle or angry or frustrated about the conditions and the situation that we’ve chose to participate in. Now, if you’re sitting here going, but I didn’t choose this and there’s something going on in your life. Yes, big fat grain of salt with this, big asterisk, that sure there are going to be things that happen. 

But let me share with you I had a keynote presentation that I gave last week. I had the opportunity to share my message of hint of hustle and what it meant, and I shared some parts of my story that I had never shared on stage before and I’m going to share a little bit of this with you right now, just to really drive this point home. 


So you already know I’ve talked about it multiple times and I shared a lot of my stories around my experience losing my mom to cancer when I was teen. But parts of the story that I don’t often talk about was when I was a freshman in high school, 15, 14, 15. I don’t know. How old are you in freshman? 15. 

In my freshman year in high school, that’s when my mom was first diagnosed with cancer. And I remember so I was a fairly, fairly social kid like I was shy but I was what my friend referred to me as a social butterfly. I was connected with a lot of different groups but not super close with any of those groups as a manifester. If again, if you are into human design, I’ve talked about this multiple times. 

Sidenote, if anybody knows a really good person who teaches and coaches human design, please let me know because I am dying to talk about human design with someone on this podcast, so just I’m gonna put that out in the universe right now. 


But when it comes to my human design, I am one of the only human designs that has a closed aura which means I can be a little off putting like I am either for you or I’m very clearly not for you. 

So if you’re a listener of the show, like you, we go together. The people who listen to the show and they’re like, I don’t know what this chicks rambling about, closed aura, I am not for them and I can pretty much repel them away very quickly. I am the queen of attract and repel. It’s just how I operate. 


So going back to it. When I was 15, and my mom was diagnosed cancer, the thing that I have not shared with you that I shared in this keynote last week was I did not tell a single person in my life that my mom had been diagnosed with cancer. 

My best friends had no frickin idea. I told no one because I didn’t want to accept that it was happening. I didn’t want to deal with it. I didn’t want to talk about it. I didn’t talk to my family about it. I didn’t even really talk to my mom about it. I’m sure she attempted to but she also as you can imagine, I mean, she was at the time 44, 45, 4, somewhere in there, which is not much older than I am right now. 

Grappling with her own things, trying to get her treatment plan together, like and also manage her family of six kids and grandkids at that point. So I didn’t tell anyone, I didn’t tell anyone at all and I just ignored it and just live my life. And in fact, no one of my friends found out that my mom had cancer until later that fall when I was a sophomore in high school. I was at the homecoming football game and my sister who is three years older than me. So she had just graduated in high school, she decided to come back to the homecoming game. Totally normal thing. Well, my sisters, two of my sisters, in fact. They shaved their heads with my mom, when my mom needed to lose her hair. When it was started going, they shaved their heads together. So the three of them all had bald heads together. Super cute, also super spunky. 


So my sister shows up to the homecoming football game and all my friends are like, whoa, your sister is such a badass which she was always spunky, very unique personality, big personality. She was a fun one. Everybody frickin loved her. They thought I had the coolest older sister. 

Meanwhile, I’m like, my sisters are the worst. Love you, sis, you’re the best. But at the time, like they showed up and they’re like, wow, that’s really cool and she looks at them and she’s like, no, I did it for our mom. And for a split second, they’re like, whoa, your mom shaved your head like, whoa, what a badass. Like, is she going through a rock phase? What’s going on? 

And I could see my sister, having this moment looking at me like, Dude, what the hell? Like, you’re gonna make me explain this and part of it was the annoying sister. But I also can imagine her looking at me and me and my face in that moment of going, Oh, my gosh, you just, you just brought everyone into this world that I’m hiding from. And she told everyone, right? And rightfully so like, we had to bring it out and my friends were just like in shock and I tell you this because we can’t choose oftentimes what happens in our lives, right? 

Sometimes we can but something like that, shit, like something, someone around you getting super sick. You getting a scary diagnosis, something happens financially. There are things that happened and what we still can do is choose how we handle that, the grace we bring to it to ourselves and to others, the attitude we have. We can choose to be pissed, ignore it. We can choose to be angry to be bitter. We can choose any of these feelings, right? And some of them are natural, like we have to go through that grief, anger, whatever that is that comes to you, you have to experience it, not shove it down. And also, you get to choose what is the experience you’re going to bring to that. 


Fast forward two years later, when my mom was diagnosed for the second time with cancer, it metastasized to her liver. I had a completely different experience. We as a family, probably not much changed. We talked about it openly before, but I felt an energetic shift. 

Now when my mom was diagnosed again, it was terminal. That gave her six months. But I remember very clearly my family, we set up a really big table. The night we got the diagnosis, we all sat around this huge ass table on my parents back deck. And I say huge ass because again, six kids, three of them I think at that point were married, four maybe, four were married, had their grandkids floating around. 

At that point, we had at least I don’t know, six to eight grandkids. There’s a lot of grandkids and my family had like 20 nieces and nephews just on my side. So anyways, big family, but I remember my parents standing up and saying we’re going to address this head on and we talked about it. And I remember me thinking in that moment, like motherfreakin, wake up call. 

I’m going to experience this and not just the pain, not just the hurt, but I’m going to choose to live. And I share this with you because of the contrast between those two realities. Granted, I was just frickin kid, 15 years old and 17 years old and talk about growth, that really was the biggest experience of my life that taught me so much about the world and about myself. 


But the big lesson that I want to bring to you now is regardless if something big has happened to you, or is going on your life or will be happening, you’d never know, right? Or you’re in a season where it just feels busy, or you just can’t catch a break, or the business is not going as fast as you want it to, or why is it just not working? Why is the webinar not converting? Why is no one engaging with your videos or your emails or why is it just so hard? 

All of these things are probably very real and realistic realities for you, but you get to determine how you show up through that. Not only does it transform your experience within it, not only does it open you up to more growth and more lessons, but you are a leader to your audience and others look to you for how you handle yourself under stress and pressure. 

And I can tell you, without a doubt, my friend, that if you want to be the kind of thought leader or the kind of expert, the kind of coach, the kind of educator, the kind of speaker that people look to, and want to learn from, want to follow, want to take advice from, you sure as hell better manage your stress and your emotions and your current reality because we all know, we don’t want to be around people who are frantic, who are negative, or if we are around people who are negative, what do we do? We go negative. 

We want to be around negative people, when we’re in a negative state of mind. But you and I both know that when you’re in a positive mindset and you’re around someone that’s super negative, like you back the hell up. You’re like, I’m out. I don’t want to be around that. It’s why so many people cut people from their lives because that toxic energy is like a no go. 


I think it’s really easy in this entrepreneurial world, especially online, when you see a lot of people griping about what the gurus are doing or what the bro marketers are doing, or everybody seems to be bitching about some kind of tactic. 

But the challenge with that is, so often that gripe comes without any positivity, without any offering of a solution. This is why you don’t see me like uber griping about what’s not working. I focus on what is working. I focus on the positive or if I ever bring up anything around bro marketing anything else, it’s like a blip. It’s like 1% of the 99% of the positive that I talked about. 


I wanted to bring this to you today because energetically speaking how you show up makes the biggest difference for how your brand is perceived by other people. And so often I get the question from people, Heather, how do I appear more confident? How do I appear more of the expert that I know I am? How do I get more people to listen to me? How do I get people to want to follow me? Heather, how they’re how do I actually get people to sign up for my program or to download my freebie or to engage with my video? 

And the most simplistic way that I can put this, you’re gonna hate me for saying this but oh my gosh, we have to do a vibe check. Oh my gosh, #whatamIaGenX as I say that? But like, what is the vibe you’re bringing to the party? I want you to think about your content. Are you so serious? Are you making everything so precious? Are you having fun? Are you enjoyable to be around? Are you a delight to be around? Do people want to have you in their lives? 


My favorite thing, I feel so stupid for saying this but the absolute best compliment I’ve ever gotten from clients or anyone is I need more Heather Sager in my life. And I remember the first time I heard that I would laugh and I’m like that’s funny. And then it kept coming up more and more and more and anytime I hear someone say I need more Heather Sager in my life, I’m getting so choked up thinking about this. I know that I am doing exactly what I need to do because regardless of the what I teach, whether I’m attacking your business mindset, or your emotional mindset, or all of this thing or an attitude, or I’m teaching you strategies for how to calculate growth in your business, or I’m teaching you or geeking out or on messaging, or vocality or any of those things. 

Gosh, I really do cover a lot of gamut of things in business. But the most important thing that I bring to the table is inspiring other people to think bigger, to grow more, to continue to stand back up and keep going, to show up and be the leader for their people. I like being the example of, it isn’t a checkbox, launching something one time, you’re not done. It’s that’s just the first step. 


Building a business has been in constant pursuit of growth, personally, professionally, financially. It is constantly about growth. It’s the next iteration of yourself. It’s the next iteration of your product. It’s the next iteration of understanding how to better communicate with other people. It’s always this constant growth. 

So when someone tells me oh my gosh, I need more Heather Sager in my life. I’m like, Hell yeah. Hell yeah, it means I’m on the right track. I’m showing up as a light for others. I think so often, we get too bogged down in trying to get the information perfect, trying to follow the formulas and the recipes and all of that other stuff which yes, matters but the way in which you show up, that is the thing that matters most. 

And the way you show up is determined by the stories and the narratives that you are telling yourself in your head around what’s happening, around what’s possible for you, around your deservingness for your success. Or maybe you’re going down the path of saying why is it not working? Why is everything, like not going fast enough? What’s wrong with X, Y, and Z? All of those are super poor, quality questions. 


One of my favorite episodes that I did, it’s been pretty underrated but oh my gosh, when you find it, it is a gem. It’s the question that I teach you the power of more powerful questions that you use on yourself. We’ll link to that in the show notes to make sure that you can go back and listen to that episode. But the way that we speak to ourselves and the way we speak about the world around us to ourselves, and the language we use outwardly with others, that’s how people determine if they want to be around you. 


Now if you’re sitting here thinking, okay, Heather, I have been in a little bit of fun or maybe I’m not the most optimistic and by the way, I’m not meaning that you need to be like, all the time, so happy,  rah rah. That is not what I’m saying, by any means. I would never consider myself a super positive, rah rah person. 

I mean, I think I kick your ass quite a bit, a little bit. A lot of it. I am a direct, I am a straight shooter. I’m not a cynical person by any means but I’m a realistic person. I am that for sure. One of my clients this week on our calls, she was like you are a tough love coach and I am damn proud of that. I think there is a role of cheerleader we play as a coach in our business. 

There is a role of critic that we could play but when you measure those things together, your role when you’re a leader is to really coach people, really be their champion. That’s what it is. You have to blend those things. 

So I’m not saying by any means that when shit hits the fan, you didn’t have to be like, yay, yay, it’s, it’s all great and your roof is falling down on top of you. That is not what I’m saying by any means. As I mentioned before, is you’re going to have feelings. You’re going to be pissed, you’re going to be angry, you’re going to be frustrated, you’re going to be sad, you’re going to be whatever negative emotion comes up. 

Those feelings are not wrong. They are real. Acknowledge them, feel them, and the pace at which you move through them into finding the gifts, finding the opportunities, asking my favorite question, what opportunity does this create? The more you can move through that and start seeing it as a lesson that is required for you to get to your next level. Oh, my goodness, it changes your world. 


Now sometimes when shit is happening around me or in my life, I might be grinding my teeth going, what opportunity this create? What opportunities this create?Motherfricking, what is this opportunities does it create? 

And sure, I’m not be happy about it but we get there and sometimes that cycle is going to take it’s a big thing, it’s going to take longer than others. But moving back into that positive state, that state of leadership, being able to bring in positivity and light and hope for your ideal person, that is the role of a leader. 


Leaders bring hope. They also bring truth. Truth means we acknowledge what is happening. I think that’s that dose of reality is that truth and then that’s hope. But if we just sit in the pain, if we just sit in the problems, if we just poke out what’s not working and we agitate all the problems our ideal person has, without helping them understand that it’s possible to get out of it and have empathy for their experience. That’s the path we have to take. 


So today’s message for you is I am, okay, tough love, my friend. I want an attitude check out of you today. Are you bringing the absolute best attitude that you could be bring into your business right now? What is the attitude when you show up to your laptop? What’s the attitude when you show up for a zoom call? What’s the attitude when you open up your calendar and you see meetings? I mean, do you go ugh or do you say, ah? What’s your relationship with that? Do you need to adjust some things around so that you can set yourself up for a bigger attitude. 


So that’s great example for me, I noticed me getting really bitter about calls and I’ll say this with once I get on a call and I talk to clients, I have my group calls, like, I love those calls but something about how I’m wired, knowing they’re on the calendar sometimes freaks me out. So because of the weeks that I had too many calls happening, I saw my attitude not working out in the way that I wanted. 

That’s why I switched things up and implemented, okay, I have typically two full days a week with no calls on them, or nothing specifically scheduled because that is what I need energetically. That is what I need, mentally and just from a workload perspective to make that happen. 

Now, on those days, some days there personal days. Some days I’m working on content. Today, by the way, is one of those days, it’s a no call day for me. I was very intentional about it. That’s why I’m recording a podcast. I’m headed to the coffee shop in here a few minutes to write some content for some emails and a sales page for the upcoming BBD launch. I have some stuff I need to get done. Oh, I also need to work on an outline for a virtual summit presentation I have to record on Tuesday. So yeah, I got stuff to do today. But I’m not tethered or tied to anyone else’s schedule. It’s just mine. 


So for you, I want you to think about, when you show up for your workday, what’s the attitude? Are there specific apps or platforms or things in your business that cause a negative reaction every time you do them or see them? Notice that. What I find is it’s typically not just an overall I’m grumpy, or overall, I hate the world, or overall, I’m just mad. 

Typically, we can track back to specific things that trigger us. And what’s interesting is we haven’t noticed those before, or we’ve ignored them just accepting that that is what is. Well, the beautiful thing my friend about you being an entrepreneur is you get to choose how you run your business. You get to choose what you don’t want to do, or what you can delegate or flat out what you can delete, if it’s not actually essential to your business. You get to make those choices. 


I do know with confidence and it’s very empowering when you start noticing your relationship with your business, your relationship with your schedule your relationship with the things that you’re building, when you start acknowledging the the healthy parts of it, and the maybe unhealthy parts. It’s empowering, when you can notice that and say, ha, I have the power to change it. I can do something different. And sometimes that something different is just acknowledging the bad attitude and intentionally making the choice to have a better attitude. That might be it too.

 But in any case, whatever you need today, I hope this served you in a way where you’re just thinking about how you show up and I think it’s going to help you bring a little bit more light, a little bit more fun, a little bit more enjoyment. 

And friend, when you are having fun and you are enjoying yourselves, other people notice. And my biggest hope for you is that if you haven’t already, one day, very, very soon, you’re going to hear that most incredible compliment from your clients or your audience saying, I need more of you in my life. I just want to be around you. I just need a little bit more of you, whether that’s your stories, or your emails, or whatever it is your craft that you do of how you show up, that is my big hope for you. 


Okay, my friend, I again, I hope this message served you exactly where it needed to today and if it did, as always, please take a screenshot of this episode and just share something that resonated with you. Share it with a friend. If you know of another entrepreneur who really looks to growth as one of their core values, they enjoy more of that positive vibe of being that leader in their space. Share this with some others and I am on a mission to help more entrepreneurs choose that path and less of the grapey, grimy stuff isn’t working path because I think the more positivity and light that we can bring into the space, the more fun we can have and the more successful we can be together. So please, please, please share the episode. 


And friend if you’re hearing this at the time this episode goes live. Well, it’s big, big time in here. I’ve been talking about it for weeks. Today, officially was the third and final live training of the Rise of the Digital CEO. 

It is the only live three day or live training, my Business Coach James Wedmore does every single year and you can still register and like binge like Netflix style all the goodies from the Rise of Digital CEO and this is such a compliment for today’s episode because he really talks about the mindset of becoming an entrepreneur and then he backs it up with the strategies and the tactics. 

Inside the Rise if you haven’t participated yet, James teaches us this five specific areas in your business that you have to have locked and loaded for you to truly create a business by your design. 

And in workshop number two, as long as he followed similar format you and I talked about in workshop number two, he goes into something that I love and it’s business math, and he helps you actually map out how you’re going to get to your most incredible transformational year and then we go into how to make that happen. 


So the Rise of Digital CEO is available right now, grab the link in the show notes so you can get my special link for that so you can be one of my VIPs. And if you want to join us, I am hosting a live pop up Facebook Live, not really, I’ll open Facebook group called the Digital CEO Greenroom where I’m taking you behind the scenes in my business, answering your questions and just being your additional mentor through the Rise. experience. 

And again, if you’re listening live, this is perfect timing because his program which only opens up once a year business by design the same program that I took and transformed how I run my digital business back in 2019. Fast forward four years later, loving it, still killing it, still innovating and doing it and running my Business by Design. 

I am an affiliate partner and so if you choose to register for Business by Design, through my link, I have a friggin killer bonus package that you get totally for free. And all of it’s designed to help you show up as the confident, cool charismatic CEO that you are both on stage in your business and off. 

So keep an eye out for that if you have any questions as always, and as I mentioned at the top of this episode, I love hearing from you and chatting with you so shoot me a DM on Instagram if you need any links for today and you can’t find them in the show notes or you just want to share with me your story of how you approach your attitude and your business and what stood out for me or for you today. I’d love to hear it. All right, friend have an incredible, incredible day and wherever and whenever you  hear this, I’ll talk to you real soon.

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