July 4, 2022

How to Make Showing Up for Your Brand More Fun

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How to Make Showing Up for Your Brand More Fun

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Ok let’s get real this week— does visibility sometimes feel like a chore in your biz? Showing up consistently can start to feel draining and a lot of business owners are publicly sharing how “over” they are with social media, but the harsh truth is that if you’re feeling burned out or annoyed by “having to show up” for your business— your audience is going to pick up on your vibes.

Instead of fighting it— let’s make it ENJOYABLE. I’ll help you navigate just how inside this episode. These are reminders that I need to keep revisiting (and I need this message probably just as much as you do!). So it’s time to shake things up and get that magnetic groove back so that you can bring creativity in your business and inspire your audience. 

Episode Highlights:

  • How you can attract more people by showing up more vibrantly (and  how do you do so when it doesn’t feel so fun)
  • What you can do if you’re feeling burnt out, uninspired or too comfortable when showing up
  • Reflection questions to help you figure out what your next groove is to keep the fun and excitement in your business
 😩 If you’re feeling burnt out, here’s what you can do –

I’m gonna encourage you to consider taking a break. If you’re burnt out from posting on Instagram stories, you don’t have to. Don’t worry about the algorithm – just choose your own mental health and your own sanity right now.

If you’re burned out, stop trying to fill yourself up with scrap together strategy of things that you don’t actually want but you think are going to solve the problem, instead just hit pause and take a break.

 😩 If you’re feeling uninspired, here’s what you can do –

When you’re feeling a lack of inspiration or you’re feeling like you’re in a creativity rut,  spice up your routine. Try something different and this can be both in your work or outside of your work. 

Start thinking how can you shake up your routine whether that’s consuming other content or mixing up sources of inspiration online, listening to different podcasts or maybe physically getting away from your desk, or out of the Facebook groups you’re hanging around in. Shave down your schedule a bit if it’s possible and finding inspiration other ways. 

😩 If you’re feeling too comfortable, here’s what you can do –

First, high five to you for feeling pretty good going along in your business. Kudos and let’s celebrate that!  

It’s time to do something a little riskier or a little scarier or do something that freaks you out because if you already mastered the platforms you’re on, it might be time for you to shake things up. See if you’re ready for the next challenge and if you’re up for doing something bigger.

I’m gonna encourage you right now to think about that scary, sexy goal that you’ve been considering but you keep making excuses for why you’re not going after it. Take action towards that thing. What’s one move that you can make to make yourself palms sweaty? I know you get all of those weird sweat things when you get uncomfortable and do something scary.  You know you’re on track to something really good by the way so you got to do that scary thing.

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