April 20, 2023

It’s Not About the Money with Scarlett Cochran

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It’s Not About the Money with Scarlett Cochran

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Hint of Hustle Episode 194: Scarlett Cochran

The stories we tell ourselves and how we let the world affect us matter so much around money—that’s why it’s crucial to choose what story is going to be true for you.

Scarlett Cochran, attorney, financial expert, entrepreneur and the founder of One Big Happy Life, shares  her approach in understanding and growing  money in a way that is aligned with your unique vision of what a rich life looks like (​​rather than following society’s definition). We also dive into the  money stories that stop us from reaching our financial goals–breaking these stories down to allow space to build new, better ones. 

Whether you’re just getting started as a business owner or you’ve been at it for years, tune into this fun and  inspiring episode that will help you improve your relationship with money, push you to start moving toward your big goals and create the rich life that you deserve, on your own terms.

Episode Highlights:

  • The overall taboo relationship people have with money and how it impacts our ability to generate it
  • Defining what your version of a rich life is and why it’s important to feel good about your finances no matter where you are in our financial journey
  • How to recognize and overcome the unconscious money stories that stop us from hitting our financial goals
  • The mistake we make when it comes to our finances that leads us to binge spent
  • Plus Scarlett shares how she builds a one year spending plan + her approach to budgeting so you can grow your wealth at the speed you need to while still living your best life

About Scarlett Cochran:

Scarlett is an attorney, financial expert, and entrepreneur. In her career as a lawyer, she worked on behalf of everyday Americans at government agencies, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (where she worked on fair lending and equity issues). Since launching One Big Happy Life, Cochran and her partner, Joseph, have touched the lives of millions. She loves hanging out with her two kids and slobbery Newfoundland and watching sci-fi/fantasy television shows. Her favorite author is Octavia E. Butler.

Connect with Scarlett on YouTube | Instagram | Twitter

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