April 8, 2020

Quarantine Productivity Hacks for Online Entrepreneurs

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Quarantine Productivity Hacks for Online Entrepreneurs

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I’ve established a pretty solid work-from-home routine this last year, keeping my kids in daycare 4 days a week so I can run my online business.

But then…March 2020 happened. 

Quarantine and kids are home 24/7.

What’s the right way to feel right now?

Lucky for being able to be home with my kids and still make money?

Guilty because others have had their world turned upside down and I’m still standing?

Annoyed for playing Candyland for the 97th time with my 5 year old when what I want to be doing is write?

Guilty again for thinking and writing the above?

Lonely because even though my inner circle is small, and I don’t see them often (#introvert) the thought of NOT being able to is quite depressing.

There’s no right way to run a business through a pandemic. However you’re feeling, try to give yourself a heavy dose of grace.

Just focus on the things that are most important to you.

As we each figure out this new way to work, I thought it might be helpful to hear how other entrepreneurs are navigating life, business and family.

Because we’re not alone. 

Though each of our situations are unique, we’re now all connected.

Bonded for life through this surreal, shared experience.

I’ve rallied up 5 of my online entrepreneurial friends to share how they’re showing up during this time and offer productivity and time management hacks for running business, while keeping your sanity through quarantine.

In this episode, you’ll meet:

  • Brittany Krystle – Personal Branding Growth Expert, Host of Beyond Influential Podcast
  • Emily Reagan – Mom of 4, Military Spouse, Digital Course Creator, Marketing Unicorn
  • Meg Wheeler – Business & Financial Coach for Creative Online & Service based Entrepreneurs
  • Scarlett Cochran – Wealth Expert and co-founder of One Big Happy Life
  • Tarzan Kay – Email Marketing Queen & Launch Expert

Be sure to connect with these incredible women on IG (linked above) and remember, this is temporary, but also reality.

Keep showing up.

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