March 18, 2021

6 Tips for Getting Started on YouTube with Expert Scarlett Cochran

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6 Tips for Getting Started on YouTube with Expert Scarlett Cochran

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Recently my 6 year old has decided he wants to become a YouTuber.

He turns on an old flip cam he found in our junk drawer and talks to “his fans” about… randomness.

The other day he showed off a “cool trick” he did with a connect four game and said “give me a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe if you think that was super cool”.

To be clear… he does not actually have a YouTube channel, he just thinks all videos just magically appear on there.

Unlike my kindergartner, I’m still working on boarding the YouTube train, but I love the idea that my content can be searched and found when convenient to business owners who need it, and by just posting on social (or even hosting an audio podcast), I’m missing a big opportunity to serve.

So enter 2021 being the year I consistently show up on YouTube as my next virtual stage.

But since I’m a total novice on the platform, I brought in my friend, client YouTube go-to, Scarlett Cochran from One Big Happy Life to share 6 essential tips for getting started. We cover things like using YouTube for lead generation, tweaking your core content over time, repurposing content on various platforms, best practices for titling videos, plus the simple strategies to get started.

You can listen to the full audio interview here, or read the full transcript below.

About my guest, Scarlett Cochran

Scarlett is a lawyer, wealth coach, and founder of One Big Happy Life, where she helps people take control of their money and create guilt-free spending plans so that they can build wealth while enjoying life along the way.

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