March 10, 2021

Should I script my videos with a teleprompter?

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Should I script my videos with a teleprompter?

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Should I script my videos? That’s a question I hear often followed with…should I use a teleprompter? 

People think that there is just a yes or no, it’s black and white, either your script or you totally go off the cuff and word vomit on video. We think that some people have this miraculous, natural talent for speaking off the cuff. But the truth is, they’re good because they’ve had experience.

Today, you’ll learn that there’s actually quite a gradient when it comes to scripting, you don’t have to choose one side. 

In this episode, I’ll share my take on teleprompters then walk you through five levels of scripting to help you find the best way for your current skill set, brand voice and personality.

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In this episode we’ll dive into…

  • Understanding that not all video is the same and therefore requires different approaches
  • 5 levels of scripting, so you have more choices than off the cuff or rigid scripts.
  • Three key tips for using teleprompters and still sound natural and engaging
  • Connecting the dots between how you speak and your brand personality. There are words that are going to be the best descriptors for your brand which will inform how you want to show up on video which will inform whether or not you should use a teleprompter. It all connects together. 


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