October 23, 2019

A Unexpected Lesson from Q&A

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A Unexpected Lesson from Q&A

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Last weekend I attended Amy Porterfield’s Entrepreneur Experience Conference. If you weren’t there, just let me tell you it was amazing. I learned so much and I get the opportunity to share a little of what I learned in this episode of the Finding Your It Factor Podcast. 

One of the biggest takeaways was my realization that sometimes we focus so hard on how we show up on stage, but we don’t put a lot of energy and attention into how we show up for ourselves. 

Are you guilty of that?

I loved watching Amy answer questions during Q & A time. She actually listened. She actually cared. She brought humility and passion and compassion and presence to each conversation. 

I bet if you thought about it, you do the same with your clients and followers, right? 

But what about you? Do you treat yourself the same way? Do you show up for yourself when no one else is around? 

Take a listen to this off the cuff episode as we talk about how to embrace Q & A sessions as a strategy to extend your content, as well as how to show up for yourself. Because, if we can’t be the best version of us for ourselves, well…we won’t be able to attract ideal clients or inspire other people. And isn’t that the goal?

Take Action:

How are you showing up for yourself when no one is watching?

Highlights from this Episode:

(12:40) So Q and A is a strategy for you to deliver your core content, but beyond the time that you were allowed to deliver your talk.

(21:07) As a speaker, we typically focus on our facial expressions and our tone and our message and even our body language and how we move. We focus on all those things when we’re speaking. But the question you have to be asking yourself is how do you show up when you think nobody’s watching?

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