May 9, 2022

These 4 CEO Mindset Shifts Have Allowed Me to Grow My Online Business in a Way that Works for My Life

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These 4 CEO Mindset Shifts Have Allowed Me to Grow My Online Business in a Way that Works for My Life

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I get a lot of non-speaking related questions from clients and audience members curious about how I structure my online business, how I leverage a team and continue to grow without working crazy hours.

So I’ve put together a series dedicated to online business over the next few weeks just for you. 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing 4 key mental shifts that have allowed me to scale the digital side of my business. Looking back on my journey, these are the key insights that I attribute to my success so I hope these lessons will help you exactly where you are.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • how I shifted from a consultant coach to building a scalable online business
  • what does it take to make money online and normalizing the idea of making money
  • biggest insights and lessons that I learned to help you on your business building journey

Episode Show Notes

The 4 Shifts I Made to Grow My Online Business

1. Stop chasing instead start leading.

There is a tendency as new business owners, especially in this online marketing world, that we look to other people for direction and operate off of those. But what I learned in running my business is that you actually have to be the leader. 

You have to be the one to navigate the difficult things and make the decisions because if we are delegating or giving away our own decision-making power or if we are downplaying our own intuition and our own ability to make hard decisions, we are not going to be able to effectively build businesses.

Instead, look at the challenges and decisions in front of you and ask yourself some reflective questions to figure out where to go next.

2. Have a revenue model that you understand and know how you’re going to make money.

If you want to run a business, part of that is you need cash. You need oxygen to your fire. Ask yourself the question, how am I making money and what does that look like as I scale it out?

And if you want to have an effective online business, you need to know your numbers. If this is something you’re uncomfortable with, you need to start normalizing your revenue numbers and know what it takes for you to get there and hit your revenue goals. This allows me to be successful and grow my business.

3. Have a way to generate an audience.

To have a sustainable online business, you need to have an engine that builds your email list. And you might be wondering, do you need a giant audience to be successful online? Nope – but you do need to know how you will attract people into your world and how you will find them.

So if it’s been a while since you’ve revisited your lead magnet or thought about how you can actually capitalize on those speaking opportunities, it’s time for you to look at that. (Listen to Podast Episode #146: 5 Ways to Save Time and Get More From Podcasts & Speaking Gigs where I share five ways you can simplify your efforts, save time and get more bang for your viability buck!)

4. Be flexible.

I’m a planner by nature and anytime I’m stressed out, I make a list. I got lists upon lists upon lists in my life. I like to plan and think about the different scenarios in my business but the one thing that I do really well that serves me in online business is my ability to go with the flow

Know that crap happens and things could go wrong but you can choose to see this as a beautiful opportunity for you to do something new and direct your energy to something that’s going to serve you.

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