July 13, 2023

From Self-Doubt to Self-Made – A Conversation with Jill Stanton

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From Self-Doubt to Self-Made – A Conversation with Jill Stanton

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Are you ready for a mind shift that could change your life?

Join us in today’s episode as we do a throwback to my interview with the incredible Jill Stanton of The Wealthy Course Creator duo and The Millionaire Girls Club.

Get ready for a deep dive into the power of our thoughts, how they can either uplift us or pull us down and the crucial role of mindset to reach our goals.

Jill offers insight into how to recognize these negative thought spirals that often hold us back—interrupt them and then redirect our thoughts towards growth and positivity giving us the ability to see life’s challenges from a fresh perspective.

Tune in and ignite your mind with this transformative conversation and learn how to replace fear, self-doubt and disempowering beliefs by embracing one’s vulnerability and switching that default mode of worrying to being willing.

 In this podcast interview, Jill shares:

  • Her struggle of self-doubt, how her past experience shaped her beliefs and behavior and how she stays future focused 
  • The importance of choosing thoughts and beliefs to catch oneself when spiraling into negative or disempowering thoughts
  • The power of asking better questions to redirect one’s focus and perspective
  • The strength that comes from embracing vulnerability and being unapologetically you
  • Switching to impact goals instead of income goals (think of the people you’re meant to serve!)
  • And of course, how she approaches speaking on a stage

Quick note: this episode originally aired two years ago, so a few things mentioned in the episode are out of date (like the name of BOTH our programs, but the message is TIMELESS).


→ Learn more about Jill Stanton and the Screw Nine to Five Podcast

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