February 12, 2020

Get Visible – Start Before You’re Ready with Tarzan Kay

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Get Visible – Start Before You’re Ready with Tarzan Kay

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A perk of running your online business is taking zoom calls in your sweats. But those big goals you’ve set aren’t going to happen from behind your laptop.

To grow your audience (and your programs), you’ve got to get more eyeballs on your business, which means stepping into the spotlight to get noticed.

But the big question for many entrepreneurs is: when’s the right time to start speaking on podcasts and stages?

The answer? Much sooner than you think.

Joining me in a conversation on visibility and getting started before you feel ready, is my good friend, mentor and client, the legendary Tarzan Kay.

Tarzan shares the story of the first time she ever spoke on a stage. It happened to be Amy Porterfield’s and she was in a line up alongside Jasmine Star and Marie Forleo. Listen in to hear what happened when she stepped off.

Tarzan reminds us that “if you have no audience, you have no business” and generously shares tangible tips and strategies throughout the episode that you can embrace immediately.  Here’s a few gems we’ll cover:

  • Visibility is more than just being seen, it’s also who you align yourself with.
  • How Tarzan leveraged a team to get systemized with pitching.
  • The domino effect once you get on a few podcasts and how it turns leads from cold to warm
  • How accessing influencers is easier now than ever through this one simple strategy.
  • Reframing the metrics for success with opt ins (hint: quality over quantity) 
  • How to skip the fangirl freakout and position yourself as an equal with key influencers you admire.
  • Tarzan’s best tips for showing up with confidence on stages

“This will make such an incredible difference in your business when you do this work. You’re not going to notice it after your first or second or third podcast interview. You’re going to notice it a year from now and then another year from now you’re going to be like, how did, I ever imagine it could be any different?” – Tarzan Kay

A bit about my guest, the legendary, Tarzan Kay is a launch strategist and copywriter who teaches women (and a few good men) how to sell bigger, so they can serve bigger. She’s a master of email marketing and former copywriter-for-hire who specializes in fun-to-read, more-addictive-than-Game-of-Thrones email copy. She also helps freelancers attract better clients who’ll reach deeper into their pockets to pay for top-quality services — also using the power of email

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