March 9, 2023

Getting Paid To Speak: The Importance of Valuing Your Expertise With Lindsay Rogers

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Getting Paid To Speak: The Importance of Valuing Your Expertise With Lindsay Rogers

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Lindsay Rogers is a former journalist and founder of Raw Strategy where she teaches people to tell stories for a living, yet she found herself facing something relatable: having difficulty figuring out how to tell her own story and how to translate the message in her marketing materials to the stage.

That’s why when she was asked to speak, Lindsay raised her hand to join my signature talk program and later on, work 1-on-1 too.  

Lindsay’s story is proof you don’t need to earn the right to get paid to speak by putting in time on different stages. Instead, she knew she wanted paid speaking as a revenue wheel from the get-go. 

If you’ve ever wondered if your message or expertise is worthy of earning you money as a paid speaker, tune into this inspiring episode that will have you shooting for the stars.

In this episode, Lindsay shares: 

  • Why she had to dismantle herself from the inside out to translate written messages to spoken messages
  • All the internal junk that popped up, leaving her feeling exposed and how she handled it
  • How she got paid well to speak right from the beginning 
  • Why learning to trust yourself is the key to feeling confident on stage
  • Her experience combatting the curse of knowledge with my Script-ish and bucketizing process 
  • Figuring out what to do with her body on stage 
  • On-stage moments that made her realize she was doing the thing she was meant to do
  • How one talk led to $100,000 in the last year 

About Lindsay Rogers:

Lindsay Rogers is the founder of Raw Strategy, a boutique messaging and positioning firm helping high-achieving leaders, athletes and entrepreneurs catalyze their life, their career, and their insight into potent messaging, powerful personal stories and a premium personal brand to build visibility, trust, and impact. Through her highly transformational 6-week programs, full and half day workshops and signature talks, she gives people the tools to own their identity, their perception, and their impact, and become the master narrator of their life and brand.

She has worked with The North Face, Team USA, NBC, Twitter, The Red Cross, Toyota, Lockton, The Olympic Games, and countless leaders and startups across a variety of industries. 

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