September 6, 2021

Trish Taylor: Style is an Inside Out Job

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Trish Taylor: Style is an Inside Out Job

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Your style is something that makes you unique. A big part of this is how you show up, what you’re wearing and how you’re styled. They all come together and create a story. That’s why I brought in this week’s guest, Trish Taylor, a stylist and a brand embodiment coach who helps online entrepreneurs grow their brand and confidence and show up authentically.

We talk about practical styling tips and how your style can help bring your brand to life in photos and video. We also take a little woo woo turn and talk about how to move past mental blocks when it comes to being seen using tools like meditation and journaling and even EFT tapping.

Not into the woo? No sweat, we approach this in a way that will fuel your soul to help you confidently show up for your brand, whether you’re nervous getting on video or terrified of putting yourself out there on podcasts. So if you’ve ever struggled with that a bit, this episode is definitely for you. 

Episode Highlights

  • How Trish went from celebrity stylist to coach & course creator
  • The importance of doing brand clarity work before getting a photoshoot 
  • Letting go of needing to be perfect all the time
  • Tips for dressing on camera so you look & feel amazing
  • Formula to up-level your outfits so you don’t have to buy all the things (using a batch wardrobe with 6 outfits or less)
  • Ways to move past the blocks you have with fear of getting seen (the inner work)

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About my guest, Trish Taylor

Trish Taylor is a stylist and a brand embodiment coach who is committed to helping heart-centered, online entrepreneurs align their outside with their inside so they can create magnetizing content and feel worthy of their expertise. She leverages her unique experiences as a celebrity stylist and counselor to empower and equip purpose-driven entrepreneurs and mindful course creators with the mindset shifts AND stylish tools (think: a be-YOU-tiful- bomber!) they need to step into the most confident version of themselves.

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Support your visibility goals with aligned style from the inside, out and use style as a tool to show up + celebrate the you-est, YOU so you can confidently attract your soulmate clients! (without you having to say a word). Check Trish’s amazing resources below:

Visibility Breakthrough (Tapping/EFT)

Brand Style Quiz:

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