March 28, 2022

How to Wake Up Well Rested & Have More Energy to Show Up in Your Business with Tanessa Shears

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How to Wake Up Well Rested & Have More Energy to Show Up in Your Business with Tanessa Shears

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This is part 1 of 3 from a series all about health and showing up at your best for your business. Check out episode 143 Unlock More Creativity, Productivity & Magnetism by Working WITH Your Cycle with Renae Fieck.

What if I told you that you could amplify your results, creativity and magnetism by making one simple change?

What is it? It’s your sleep.

Think about it.  When was the last time you woke up feeling rested?

Like really well rested.

Not ‘slam the snooze, feel like you got hit by a freight train (aka your toddler’s midnight kick boxing) start the day guzzling coffee’ morning.

The kind where you wake up and feel clear, energized… good.

Many say that building a business takes sacrifice— but for women who don’t want that sacrifice to come at their family’s expense, they cut back on their “me time”.

Except they didn’t really have “me” time, so they cut back on sleep time.

Sound familiar?

The thing is, cranking out some emails or canva images after the kids go to sleep and the house is quiet can work…for a while.

But how can you expect yourself to be creative, think clearly and show up energetically to attract an audience if you’re physically (and mentally) exhausted?

As personal brands, we attract people with our energy, and if we’re bringing the wrong vibes, none of the other stuff matters. 

Are you curious how you can eliminate brain fog or just the feeling of tiredness  and wake up well rested and energized? And want to know how you can show up in business (and all your  speaking opportunities) with energy, clarity and focus? 

You’re in for an incredible conversation with my guest, sleep and biohacking expert, Tanessa Shears, as we talk about sleep and how it impacts us as entrepreneurs. She shares actionable tips on how we can optimize our brain and body with biohacking, feel well rested and get healthy while running our business.

Episode Highlights:

  • How much sleep do you really need and how does it impact you as an entrepreneur?
  • Do you really need a fitness or sleep tracker? 
  • What’s the difference between brain fog and just being tired? 
  • How does fatigue impact how you show up when you speak?
  • Traveling and speaking on stages – what do you want to consider if you’re sleeping in a hotel the night before a big talk?
  • What exactly is biohacking? And where might someone start?
  • Simple tips you can take action right now to optimize your sleep so you can show up in a more magnetic way for your brand (whether for your next live video, your next launch, or your next podcast interview)

About Tanessa Shears:

Tanessa is a health consultant and host of the Becoming Limitless podcast. She helps entrepreneurs scale their business by optimizing their health, focus & productivity with science and biohacking. Her passion is working closely with business owners to implement effective sleep, nutrition, movement and out of the box stress management strategies to eliminate brain fog and wake up feeling well rested, energized and focussed. She does this by optimizing the performance capacity of your body & brain so you can produce more meaningful, impactful work output and scale your business faster.

Connect with Tanessa on Instagram  | Facebook

Grab Tanessa’s 12 Ways to Biohack Your Energy here on this link here.

Books Mentioned:

Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World, Cal Newport

The Power of When: Discover Your Chronotype – and the Best Time to Eat Lunch, Ask for a Raise, Have Sex, Write a Novel, Take Your Meds, and More., Dr. Michael Breus

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