October 25, 2023

Transcript #221: Let’s Talk About “Deadlines” & Self-Created Stress

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Transcript #221: Let’s Talk About “Deadlines” & Self-Created Stress

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Let’s Talk About “Deadlines” & Self-Created Stress

– Transcript Ep #221

Hint of Hustle Podcast Cover

Heather Sager  1:13  

Hey, friends, welcome back to another episode. You have me in sexy voice today. Fun update, I apparently had the flu last week and I was down for the count. Quite literally, I was horizontally stuck in my bed for days at a very critical time. Not only am I brewing a baby and approaching the end of, I don’t know this, this process. I have a countdown for taking time off to get set baby out and I’m in the middle of facilitating a live cohort. So there was not a shortage of things that I mean, quite literally had to get done last week and they physically could not get done last week which brings me to what I wanted to talk about today on today’s episode, and it is this, we’re gonna talk about stress today. Alright. 

Heather Sager  2:53  

We’re talking about stress and we’re talking about the stress that we create for ourselves as entrepreneurs. I’m going to unpack this. I’m going to share with you my take on stress and how it shifted over the years, and hopefully share with you some words of wisdom that might resonate with you. This very well might not resonate with you. You might be way more developed than me in this area, and kudos to you. I don’t know but I always find it interesting just hearing the insights of other people’s brains around how they operate and recalibrate. 

Heather Sager  3:34  

I’m a big believer that you learn something and then you continually to learn evolutions of the same lesson over and over again, and I don’t know if that’s true for you, too, but I learned new things all the time. But what I actually find is more powerful in my learning and things that truly shaped my life is me learning different angles on the same lesson, reminding myself at some of the same fundamental principles that have worked for me in the past, but somehow I’ve gotten away from them and I just need to get back to them. So if you are a lifelong learner like me and always striving for finding ways to to be more present, to be more pleasant, to be more productive, just to be more you, at the best version of you, I think you’re going to enjoy this episode. I don’t know if I should say you’re welcome for this voice or if I should apologize, but either way it is what it is. We’re here. 

Heather Sager  4:33  

I am intentionally, let me just add to this little fun picture. Well, one, I look phenomenal right now. I say that mildly sarcastically, but also mildly truly because I put on a new style of eyelashes this morning, and I very much like that they look great but it was to overcompensate for the fact that my sickness led to a epic cold sore on my nose. 

And I, yeah, I’m one of, I don’t know. I don’t know if you get cold sores, if you get grossed out by this. I mean, I’m so sorry, just hit skip forward 30 seconds but it’s real reality. I feel like other influencers or personal brands, people don’t talk about the real shit of what happens in life. I didn’t post on social media very much at all last week with my sickness, but the reality is I have a fat cold sore on my nose which normally cold sores do not go on your nose, they go on your mouth, and I get those too sometimes, but I got a cold sore on my nose. 

It’s gross and I don’t want to show up for anything but part of being a business is sometimes you do have to show up and one of my commitments was I had to record a lesson today for my Signature Talk Accelerator cohort and I had to get it done, so I put on these big ridiculous eyelashes to overcompensate for my gnarly nose. 

Heather Sager  5:58  

I know, it’s fine, everything was fine. I just made my little camera window very tiny and the slides nice and large. So I share that with you that I don’t know, I think sometimes we get this picture that you have to show up perfectly and you have to like feel your best. 

It’s okay if sometimes you show up and you don’t feel your best, you’re just surviving. Kudos to you if you were just surviving. We have seasons of that. That is where I am at right now and honestly, I think it creates some of my most enjoyable work, maybe not my most effective work but I’ve heard from many of you my most enjoyable work in terms of when I am a little bit more laid back and not so focused on being polished and effective and whatever it else is that I am, just the shit that flies out of my mouth sometimes just resonates, so here we are for that today. 

Heather Sager  6:48  

So let’s talk about stress, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. The idea of stress, this is something that is, ha man really relevant to me. This has been by all accounts a seemingly stressful year, and as I’ve shared in many podcast episodes this year, I haven’t really been stressed at all. We’ve had a lot going on, right? From the business change, to the move across the state, to finding out we’re pregnant, to we can’t sell our house for some reason in our old town so we are now living with a giant ass mortgage and a giant house rent payment with a baby covered in less than five weeks. There is a lot going on. There is a lot going on, and I would imagine you have your own version of that right now. 

Heather Sager  7:45  

It kind of feels like things are piling up. We always talk about this delusional mindset we all have. I think every professional on the planet is we talk about the busy season and we assume that there is ever not a busy season. There’s always something. It’s always back to school or the stress of starting summer, or the stress of the holidays, or the stress of a launch or you could chalk anything up to being busy and stressful and I believe it’s all about how you label it. 

Heather Sager  8:19  

Two people can look at the same experience and one can choose it as something exciting and oh, it’s amazing. And the other one could be like, oh my gosh, that’s so stressful and taxing and I’m already tired just looking at it. True, right? You just look at it from a different perspective or your different vantage point from different live experiences and you have a different take on it. And I’m not here to say that your version of stress is wrong. It’s just maybe different than mine. I’m just going to share with you my take around how I’ve adjusted my relationship with stress and what I do when I’m feeling stressed. So I’m going to tell you right now, it’s not anything fancy.

Heather Sager  8:59  

It’s actually really friggin simple and stupid. But this simple and stupid hack I’m gonna share with you, it’s literally like four things I do every time I’m feeling stressed. My husband knows me so well. He actually prompts me doing this. I’m going to share with you today about at the end of the episode. But let’s talk about stress. 

Heather Sager  9:19  

Now, one thing I want to share out, what’s been really incredible doing what I do is I get a lot of work with a lot of experts from a lot of different backgrounds and modalities and experiences, and inside this latest version of the Signature Talk Accelerator cohort, I had multiple people addressing the topic of stress inside their signature talk and they were all from different angles and different experiences. 

It was really fascinating, and so sidenote, so there are definitely qualified professionals who help you handle stress if this is a huge focus in your life so please do not take lightly that I know that overwhelm and stress and physical, sometimes the physical manifestation of stress can be very, very debilitating. 

So if that is you, I am not trying to solve your stress problems. This is not a, this is not meant to be a, like cure all thing today. I just want to share with you as someone who is in a quote-unquote, very stressful season, specifically, coming out of a very stressful week. 

I’m going to just share with you my take around how I approach it, and take what you want, leave what you don’t, but I hope something resonates with you, and also shout out to my students who talk about stress. Y’all inspire me so much. I appreciate so much. And one of the things that you often say that I’d love to share with a larger audience today is this big truth. 

Heather Sager  10:51  

I think a lot of times people are in pursuit of trying to eliminate stress but the goal isn’t to eliminate it. It’s to learn to work with it. It’s to learn to let it ride. I’d say these are my words. Let it ride shotgun in your life, but not take over the driver’s seat. So shout out to my stress reducing teachers and educators in the space. I hope I do you proud today. 

Heather Sager  11:18  

Alright. So the thing that I think about, the reason why this topic came up for me, honestly, I had not planned on talking about this today. This was a, I woke up to pee at 3:30 this morning and I could not get this idea out of my brain and I laid in my bed, in my pregnancy insomnia for about an hour and a half just thinking through this topic so that’s where this came from. 

Heather Sager  11:41  

But specifically, what popped up for me is I’ve had a lot of opportunities where I could have been very frantic, in a frenzy and an absolute stress mode this year, but specifically within the last few months, and I will not lie and say that I do not get those feelings of freakout and overwhelm. My husband knows this very well. But what I have learned to recognize is the difference between when I am creating my own stress for no reason, versus feeling the stress and pressure others have placed on me. Let’s talk about the nuanced difference. 

Heather Sager  12:28  

One thing that’s I think, very fascinating in this online world that we live in, specifically in online marketing, and in this coach, course creator business, we have a tendency to well, we have the ability, and we always do, we create our own deadlines. So let’s say for example, you want to launch a new program, or you want to launch a podcast, or you want to launch a course, or doing a webinar or whatever it is, right? You get to decide when you do it. In fact, you have to decide when you’re going to do it. 

Heather Sager  13:02  

And what I often see is entrepreneurs wait to declare a deadline. They’re just going to work on something and then they think miraculously, oh, why am I not making sales? Well, it’s because you’ve never actually released the thing in the world that you’ve been working on. You’ve just been working on it. But paired with that is I see this happen all the time, working with my private clients in my CEO intensive day, when they’re getting ready to launch a new product or a course or just go through a live launch in general, they pick a date, and here’s what’s interesting. 

Heather Sager  13:35  

The date they always pick is super, super close to the current date we were living in, and this is what I call the delusions of deadlines brought to you by the everyday entrepreneur where we have a tendency to get really excited about what we’re building and then we create these deadlines and then we freak out and wonder why we’re so quote-unquote, stressed and overwhelmed, when all of the work that’s required to meet that deadline is piling up and not happening. It’s overtaking our lives, and this was the thing that was on my mind today around how interesting it is. I had deadlines last week that needed to get hit because they were promised, forward facing to my clients as part of my offer and I was so sick. I had such a high fever. I thought my water broke last week when I woke up in the middle of the night but nope, it was just my fever breaking and me sweating through my sheets, like that’s how I was very, very sick last week, and yes, side note. I was making sure I was safe. I was monitoring things with my doctor and they were making sure the baby is okay. We’re all okay. Everything is good. 

Heather Sager  14:46  

But what I was thinking about is I had these deadlines and they were very real deadlines because I communicated these deadlines, and old me, meaning me like years, years, years, years, ago, like a decade ago. I would have busted my ass to work through the sickness to deliver on that deadline. But me today, who has incredible relationships and a lot of clout and credibility and establish good faith with my clients, I know that I have leeway. And the funny part is, is this is the first time that I have leeway, what I mean by leeway, right, as you can push it back. You don’t want to be the person who always pushes their dates back, right? Because then you lose your trust and credibility with your clients but it’s happened before. I’ve had to push back a release date or push back up a module airing date or a coaching call that happened last week. We had to move a coaching call around. 

Heather Sager  15:45  

And what’s fascinating is this last week, the reason why this topic was so relevant for me is this last week, I wouldn’t have thought twice about moving it like obviously I’m sick, my clients, even all of them were like emailing back when oh my gosh, like don’t even worry about rescheduling the call, like take care of you and the baby but there was this other thing happening where I had a real deadline, and what I mean by real deadline is I have a ticking time bomb baby happening that come the end of November. I have to be on maternity leave because this child is getting out. This child is coming out. I’m gonna have a newborn in the world and I will not be creating course content or doing coaching calls, whilst in the delusions of postpartum, especially in those first few weeks, like that’s not going to be good for anyone involved. And that’s not why I’m building this business, right? I don’t want to put myself in that position. 

Heather Sager  16:42  

So I found myself last week in this interesting dichotomy between the deadlines that I’ve set, which could be flexed, paired with five weeks from now is a hard, immovable deadline and it got me thinking about this. That’s enough for that situation. We all got through it. By the way, I just recorded a beautiful module for them this morning. Everybody is going to get it tonight. They’re loaded. We’re back on track with our schedule. Everything is great. We all worked it out. But it got me thinking about this concept around how as entrepreneurs, oftentimes deadlines, is the source of a lot of our stress, and whether that’s a deadline for sending an email or guilt over, I didn’t send out my newsletter again, or oh, I forgot to reply to that person, or we have these quote-unquote deadlines that we have in our brain, whether it’s the hitting our weekly content rhythm, or it’s sending out a promotion, or launching a course, or doing a webinar or whatever it is right. We create these deadlines. And there’s a difference between deadlines you set for yourself, deadlines you set for your clients, deadlines that are flat out delusional, and deadlines that are based around collaborations or events or strategic partnerships that you book. They’re not all the same. 

Heather Sager  18:13  

And what’s fascinating to me is when you think about these different types of deadlines, often times we react and treat all of them as high stakes, high pressure, therefore high stress. So I don’t know about you, but when you, what I see for a lot of business owners when they look at their calendar, when they look at their to-do list, they instantly become overwhelmed because they know the deadlines are looming, and what’s worse is when things are overdue, therefore, like late, they’re past deadlines, it just amplifies the stress. 

Heather Sager  18:49  

So now if you’re listening to this going, I never miss a deadline. Kudos to you. Ku for condos to you like teach me your ways. I think that’s a great thing. I think the reality is most entrepreneurs have a lot of deadlines, and I think the majority of those deadlines are absolute. They’re delusional, they’re fictitious, they’re just things we have in our minds. 

Heather Sager  19:13  

So for example, when you think about your to-do list right now. I mean, I have probably 73 post-it notes sitting next to me of all the things I want to get done before this baby comes, and I know that they will not. So excuse me, I just pick up. I know that when I am brainstorming ideas or thinking about what needs to get done for the quarter, I know that the way that I operate is I always come up with way more ideas than I have capacity for and way more ideas than I actually need to hit my goals. 

Heather Sager  19:48  

So we have to play this role of allowing ourselves to come up with these ideas, allowing ourselves to write out these ideas, but then exercising some way to say hold up, how are we truly setting ourselves up for success here and not for stress here? There is a difference. I think many business owners are intentionally setting themselves up to be stressed out. And if that’s you, if you operate from stress, often and going, oh, like, I’m just there’s so many things to do. I’m just so busy, I’m working all the time, you are working on the hours, the nights, the weekends. It’s constant. You’re not taking time off. I’m going to tell you, you’re planning for stress. You’re operating in stress mode. 

Heather Sager  20:35  

And I really want to challenge you to start thinking about the work that you’re doing, is it true, valuable work that’s contributing to your outcomes, your goals for the quarter? Is it contributing to the experience of your clients or is it busy work that you’ve added to your schedule that someone else said that you should be doing because that’s what we do as online creators? There was like a big air quote around that, hopefully, you got that in sarcasm in my voice. 

Heather Sager  21:04  

But what I find is we need to get really good at being more disciplined and more strict with what we allow on our plate. And when it comes to deadlines, I think we need to be far more discerning on what kind of deadline we’re facing. So for example, one of the things that I do is I know that I create delusional deadlines, versus real deadlines. 

Heather Sager  21:31  

So one of the practices that I put in place is when I, let’s say, I agree to a partnership with someone or I’m guest speaking inside their group, or they let’s see here, they want me to be on their podcast, or I don’t know, some other kind of thing is happening involving another person. A couple things that I have learned about me in this season of life that I do when I don’t do. One of the things I always do is I always now, learn my lesson. I never say fully yes, or a schedule, without passing people to my assistant, Doreethy. What happens is every time that I say yes and then I send it to Doreethy to get like scheduling happening, we always find that it creates stress somewhere else in the business. Because me saying yes to this opportunity means that we had already had a plan and now we’re having to shove this into a pre existing plan, aka, more work, and whether or not that work is needed, there wasn’t a lot of thinking around that. I just get excited about opportunities and let me just speak, hell yeah. Will you come to my mastermind? Hell, yeah. But feasibly, I need a little bit of a pitbull to block my schedule a bit to make sure that I’m preserving my sanity and my energy and my pitbull is Doreethy. I believe she’s the sweetest person ever. She’s like the kindness, helping people, either rejecting their request or sidelining their request. Put it on the sidelines until we can get to the point, and she’s really great at circling back when that time comes. 

Heather Sager  22:59  

So that’s one of the things I put into place is my own executive assistant to feel those inbound opportunities. I still build relationships. I get a ton of DMs with these requests. If you’ve been one of those people who’ve reached out, I consistently say, yeah, that sounds like an awesome opportunity. I’m gonna pass you over to Doreethy on my team and she will work with you on the details, and that does not mean this really mean yes. It means yes, we’re going to try but then Doreethy can help me look at it from a more objective perspective, and say, alright, what does this look like? 

Heather Sager  23:28  

Now, second thing that we do. One of the things that we get is we get a lot of requests from people, and a lot of those requests have very pressing deadlines. So for example, I’ve gotten a lot of podcast speaking requests lately or guest groups and they wanted to happen in August, September, October. Well, August, my kids were still home and my internet was crap. September, we were launching the Accelerator. October, I’m facilitating the Accelerator, prepping for MAT leave. As you can tell, those are three very, very busy months. 

Heather Sager  24:02  

So what Doreethy did is we exercised deadline driven question. So when we were talking with people asking a clear question, is this critical in this month? Are you open and flexible on the timeline? And by simply asking that question, we found out who really needed to feel like they had a specific thing they were focused on, versus most people were like, oh, we’re totally open, and that allowed us to set realistic aligned collaboration opportunities versus just hammering things on the calendar so that’s another thing that we’ve done that has worked really well. 

Heather Sager  24:38  

Another thing that we don’t do in our business is I don’t live and die by a calendar. This might seem weird to you, but I do not live and die by the calendar. I do not put all of my tasks, all of my work all of my things on a calendar. In fact, I rarely ever follow my calendar with the exception of live calls. Live calls, which I drive the strategy behind when I do live calls and when I don’t. So I’ve learned that I’ve changed based off the season that I’m in, whether or not the kids are home from school, whether or not it’s the holidays, whether or not I’m in a hustle season or a rest season. We are very intentional around what goes on my calendar. I try very hard not to allow calls on my calendar every day so we try to block out. I also don’t do the thing where I have like a call day that’s like very, very stressful for me. I hate the idea of being on Zoom all day. 

Heather Sager  25:39  

So the point here is I don’t subscribe to anybody else’s productivity model. We are constantly looking for ways that work for me to bring my best in the season that we’re in. This means that we revisit how we schedule things very often. We meaning my assistant, Doreethy and I. We’re constantly looking at, alright, what what’s on the calendar that’s coming up, meaning like strategically coming up, not the physical calendar? So like, for example, what’s launching, what events are happening, what, blah, blah, blah. We get stuff and then we schedule them on the calendar, based around when I’m going to be performing at my best. 

Heather Sager  26:16  

So for example, right now I’m in a season where this has been all year, I do most of my coaching on Thursdays, that allows me to not have to worry about things on Fridays. We don’t really schedule things on Fridays or it’s like a catch all bonus day but it also makes sure that the beginning of my week, we can focus on more strategic work, whether that’s podcast recording, whether that’s creating content for my courses, whether that’s me taking days off, which I have done a ton this year, whether that’s related better with the flu, or that’s me just taking a random Tuesday off because I feel like I need it, or taking time off with my kids, or working on creative projects. I need days, like I just need free space in my calendar. I know that for myself. But for calls, we know that Thursdays, I’m not filling up my most creative, but I do really, really well coming to live coaching, so Thursday is a great day for me for coaching. That wasn’t always the case. Sometimes I want to do my coaching on Fridays or Tuesdays so we we open it up. 

Heather Sager  27:19  

The takeaway here is you need to figure out what in the season that you’re in. Don’t be so tied to coming up with a perfect ideal batch calendar. And more so, read the season that you’re in, read the strategic goals that you have and say, how can I set myself up to be at my best? If you’re the kind of person who loves to schedule everything on your calendar, my friend Sara is like that. It totally gives me anxiety. No, thank you. 

Heather Sager  27:47  

But if some a little bit of structure would work for you, get it going, get it going, baby. So that’s what we do is I use the calendar for live stuff, I do not use it for mapping out all the things that I do except for right now. It’s very full with like OB appointments, physical therapy appointments, chiropractor appointments. That’s the exception of that but there are those are live appointments. So I guess, case in point, it is s still true. 

Heather Sager  28:11  

So scheduling and timelines, that is a huge thing for me is, one, recognizing, am I setting delusional deadlines or realistic deadlines? And two, what are we actually putting on my calendar? So those are really powerful. Okay, so let’s say I’m in a season where I’m feeling the heat of my commitments, whether they were delusional commitments to myself, realistic commitments to myself, or commitments to other people. I’m feeling the stress of it. Okay, or let’s say in my personal life, I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed by just sheer volume of shit we have going on. Both of these things are very real examples that happened to me. I mean, often in life in business. I have like a moment of a, ha, and what’s interesting is, I don’t recognize them as me being stressed out. I just recognize them as oh my gosh, I have a lot going on. That’s my cue to go, oh, pause. 

Heather Sager  29:05  

Okay, here’s the simple, non fancy, don’t come after me of how dumb this is but this is what I do. This is exactly what I do to navigate those moments into, okay, I feel confident in how I’m moving forward. Literally, four steps. Of course, I framework out this to be able to help you should this be helpful. 

Heather Sager  29:28  

So number one, I take a brain dump. I know that’s very forward. But it’s my brain gets constipated because I am carrying a lot of mental load. You’ve heard that phrase before, right? Just thinking about all the things that need to happen, and all the in betweens, and all the tasks, and all the timelines, and all the deadlines, and all the people involved. Our brain carries a lot and this is especially true for us in business. It’s very true for us in personal lives. When I’m feeling it, I know I need to take a brain dump. Now for me specifically, that means I need to write it out. 

Heather Sager  30:07  

So I sit with my remarkable tablet, that’s my favorite way to do it, and I just write out all the stuff that I have going on. I have to get it all out, even though it’s in our project management tool, even though the whatever is on the calendar, even though I have like a specific plan written somewhere, it’s still living in my head and I have to get it out. It is my process. It might not be yours. But number one, I have to get it out. I need my brain to be released from all of that mental load. 

Heather Sager  30:38  

Number two, I need to get back aligned and present with what is the real priority and goal right now. What is dead drop the focus. Now in business for me, that is what’s the dead drop, the revenue. What is the focus for this quarter for revenue? How are we doing on revenue? Which leads me to step three, I look at my list and say how much of this shit that I just wrote down has to do with the goal and how much is extra? Which brings me to step four, is I purge and rearrange and organize. 

Heather Sager  31:16  

And what I mean by that is, it’s permission for me to go like why do I even have this written down? Is this a delusional thing that I wrote down that would be like a cool one day? Great. If I wanted to, I might write that on what I call my later list, which quite frankly, I never looked at it again but it just makes me feel better knowing it’s on the list of somewhere. 

Heather Sager  31:35  

Other things I’ll do, I’ll say, what can I delegate? So this is typically where I would bring Doreethy, my assistant into the mix and she would take on things that I had some, for some reason we all do this as entrepreneurs, had been hesitant to delegate because I thought I had to do myself. Time and time again, a good chunk of that list goes over to Doreethy and she smashes it. She just does phenomenal at it. 

Heather Sager  31:58  

Other things are I started adjusting dates. So this has happened to me multiple times. If I was in a stress mode coming up for a launch that was in the future, me going, do I have to launch it that week? If we pushed it back a week, what would that do? And just playing with the dates in the calendar, that’s where things start going, okay, does that feel? You can see your physical reaction. Does that feel better? Does that cause you more stress? Does that like for me, one of the things is, sometimes the timeline is too so far out. That’s what’s actually causing me stress. I just want it to get done. I would rather just do it dirty and get it over with to get the shitty rough draft done, versus putting it so far in the distance. I’m putting all this pressure on myself to make it beautiful and perfect and that’s just BS. You and I both know that it’s just a procrastination tactic. 

Heather Sager  32:48  

So sometimes I actually have to crunch the timeline because I’m pushing it too far out and it’s just lingering there, so that’s it. That’s what I do and that dictates then what goes on my actual to do list for the week. So brain dump, I clarify the goal. I then cut the clutter or like I look based off with a goal so cut out the clutter, and I start reorganizing, delegate, rearranging off of that. That’s literally what I do and every time I do that, I just physically and mentally feel so much better. 

Heather Sager  33:20  

It allows me to show up at my best. It allows me to show up clarified and with more intention that what I’m doing is actually going towards something that matters, something more strategic. And I mean, it’s not a very sexy process and it’s not something that I do like, question is, well, Heather, do this every week. Do you do this activity every month? Can we systematize this? No, forget all that. Hell no. I’m not trying to create a system here. I’m not in a stage of my life where I can do a Sunday planning session. I’m not at a phase in my business where i i can have a consistent routine around this. One day I would like to but it’s just not the season that I’m in so my schedule ebbs and flows based around the priorities and we set specific, here’s what Heather has to get done this week. We have something called the, harass Heather list. Doreethy has, that when there are things that are on deadlines, that are true deadlines, part of her job is she stays on me and says hey, just a reminder, these are four things coming up the next two weeks, how can I help and part of her value is making sure that I don’t drop the ball. That’s the power of assistance, and people would be like, well, that’s kind of a waste. Shouldn’t you manage it yourself? I could, but I don’t need to. 

Heather Sager  34:39  

If I know that somebody else, let me just end with this piece. Me knowing that someone else has it as their priority and the ball won’t get dropped is the most freeing feeling ever. If I didn’t delegate that to Doreethy to say Doreethy, your job is to harass the crap out of you to make sure it gets done. I would then be stressed out and be like, oh, I have to get the newsletter down or I’ll have to get this thing done or I’ll have to whatever. Just that mental load that I would have that mental like a piece of always just nagging there, it would cloud my ability to show up in the best way that I needed to in other areas of my life and business, so sometimes the solution is really quite simple or it seems so silly but the point is, do what you got to do for you to be able to release some of the delusional deadlines and fictitious, I mean crap that we think we need to do and get really clear on what actually matters, what needs to happen today, tomorrow next week. Beyond that, I’d say don’t worry about it. You could do your strategic planning but do not do that whole thing where you plan everything out to a tee because it’s going to change anyways. So this would be, this would I guess be my thoughts on stress. 

Heather Sager  35:58  

All right, friends, I hope that this episode was helpful for you. I hope that you like my voice and my cheeky style today and I will see you back hopefully back at 100% next week. Bye, friends.

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