March 11, 2020

Talk Like You Mean It – Showing up to Conversations as Your Best Self

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Talk Like You Mean It – Showing up to Conversations as Your Best Self

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Think back to an interaction you had with someone this last week that didn’t go as well as you’d hoped for.  Maybe your kiddo left their legos on the hallway floor (again) and you lost your cool. You and your partner fought about money,  your VA missed a date on an email campaign or a customer gave you some tough feedback.

Whatever the conversation, there’s a high chance that you didn’t show up in those moments as the best version of yourself and there are things you could have done differently.

You can’t change the past, but of course, you can learn from it.

Connection with others is the richness to our lives and business, so today I’m giving you some tools to help you show up in these critical conversations with more intentionality so that you can nurture the relationships that matter most.

I’ll introduce to you my framework for snapping out of the trance of the daily autopilot to engage in richer, more aligned experiences with others: my Intentional Communication Model.

Additionally, I’ll share with you 4 power questions I use daily during my “Daily 10”. Each morning as I plan my day, I spend ten essential minutes focusing on the people I’ll engage with that day and how I can show up with purpose:

  1. Who needs me at my best today?
  2. Who am I interacting with today? And do I want to show up for these interactions?
  3. What might get in my way?
  4. What’s my “get back in the game” plan?

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