October 30, 2019

The Art of Communication: More Than Just Words

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The Art of Communication: More Than Just Words

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When getting ready for a big talk, I bet you spend the bulk of your preparation time developing your content. Whether it’s creating a mind map or an outline, writing a script to practice from, or jumping straight to it and creating a PowerPoint. 

Regardless, I bet you spend more time creating the content than practicing HOW you’ll deliver your message. 

But remember this: Your words matter (work on those), but how you deliver them matters far more. Because even when not speaking, you’re communicating to your audience. 

When you embrace this and get more intentional with how you communicate, you become far more influential. Learn how in today’s episode as I introduce my Delivery Core Four and share how you can elevate your skills.

Take Action:

What’s the one Delivery Core Four area that you really need to focus on this week? Do you need to get better with your tone, slow down your pace, or practice using your hands? Whatever it is, pick one and then tag me @theheathersager in your IG Storiesso I can cheer you on!

Highlights from the Episode:

(08:30) Every moment we are communicating like it or not. So once you become more aware and take ownership of the fact that you’re always saying something, even when you’re not, you can begin to do something about it to make sure that what you’re saying in this world is what you want others to hear.

(24:27) When it comes to showing up for your audience and delivering the message that you have in your head and in your heart, you have to bring the soul, you have to bring the fire, you got to bring the heat baby, and you do that through the Delivery Core Four. 

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