March 7, 2022

How to Improve When You’re Already a Good Speaker with Krystal Proffitt 

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How to Improve When You’re Already a Good Speaker with Krystal Proffitt 

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In today’s episode, I’m welcoming back to the show one my dear friends, Krystal Proffitt for a revealing discussion on how she has leveraged the skill of speaking to grow her brand and land every single stage on her dream list for 2021. 

In previous episodes, we’ve talked about the fear of public speaking, but what about the business owners who love speaking and have never been one to shy away from an audience?

Enter Krystal. She’s sharing how her natural strengths in communication were actually holding her back in a way that she didn’t expect, plus what she specifically worked on to reach her goals.

This interview kicks off a new segment on the show where I feature other entrepreneurs leveraging their voice to make an impact.

A few of my favorite episode Highlights

Krystal shares her big scary goals back in 2020 and what happened to these goals when the whole world shutdown (i.e. physical stages weren’t a thing anymore)

“I had this energy around, ‘oh my gosh, people can actually get paid to speak on stages.’ That’s what I want to do. They were doing what I wanted.’ 

And so in 2020, coming into the first few months of that year, I was like, ‘this is my year. I’m going to speak on all the stages!’ Those are my big goals, and they are physical stages.  I see stages in a totally different perspective and a very different mindset than I did back then. I was thinking it was just this conference live event type of stage and that’s really what I had my eyes set on.” But it was like a pause, and it wasn’t that it wasn’t important in the overall scheme of my business, it just felt like it wasn’t important at that moment. It shifted slowly as I saw other parts of our industry shifting online.”

Discovering “speaking / communication”

“I was listening to your podcast and was hearing you in my ear saying, ‘okay, guys, let’s not all freak out. It’s not all about the stage, the physical stage. There are other ways to show up online.’ So I really started paying attention to the types of content I was consuming. I was attending summits, workshops, webinars, and virtual events. The same people that I saw on stage now are doing these podcast episodes, live streams. That was around the same time I started live streaming and experimenting with consistently going live. 

And it just gave me this energy of, ‘let’s do this and practice until we’re ready to be back on that physical stage because we didn’t know when that was going to happen again,’ and I still wasn’t sure if that is really what I wanted? I don’t know. But I’m going to practice in the meantime because that’s just who I am.”

How she decides that working on her communication skills was the next step for her

I wanted to be funnier on stage. I love stand up comedy and watching comedians. I’d watch these people get on stage and they were crushing it. They were getting laughs, they were making points, they’re making people cry in the audience. 

I know you know this, Heather. You’re in a room and when you say something that has power and authority, the energy in the roomyou feel that. You totally feel that and I didn’t feel that on stage the first few times that I spoke. And so I was like, ‘I want that. I want to know how these other speakers made me feel. I want to do that to other people.” 

What did you notice right out of the gate when you started paying attention and learning the skill of speaking?

When I’m speaking, everything’s a lot clearer. Previously, it would have been muddled. It would have been a lot more like, ‘oh, what did she say?’ It was just a lot more cloudy in my head when I was trying to process conversations on a podcast, or on a live stream, or if I was on a panel. 

The Speaking Mantrawho do you want to be? How do you want people to feel about you when you’re on stage? It’s the thing and it’s what helped me shape all of my talks and make sure that I’m working towards that goal of being funny, of being relatable, or whatever I’m working towards for a talk.”

When you look ahead in your business and the visibility opportunities that you want to chase in the future, what are you most excited about?

I want to work on my delivery. It’s something that I want to get better, but I really want it to be a service to the audience. That’s always the priority. There’s so many people that do this really badly, so many people that don’t put their audience first. And you listen to a webinar or a workshop or a virtual summit, an event and you’re like, ‘why did I waste an hour of my life?’ I never want anyone to ever say that about what I’m doing

About My guest:

Krystal Proffitt is the host of The Proffitt Podcast – where entrepreneurs go to learn how to start, launch, and market their podcasts.  She also teaches the basics of content creation, editing, formatting, and other skills through her digital courses and YouTube channel dedicated to podcasting.

Connect with Krystal on Instagram LinkedIn Facebook

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